Walking Dead Season 9 Review: Ep 6


REVIEW New in Town.


Warning: Full spoilers for The Walking Dead episode "Who Are You Now?" follow...

Hey, new things! We like new things, right? For the most part?

Acting a bit more like the smaller time jump from the middle of Season 6 (which kicked off in "The New World" and featured Rick and Michonne's conscious coupling) and less like the big year and a half we just skipped over coming into Season 9, "Who Are You Now? featured a remix of Alexandria - with some of the changes landing better than others.

It's been six years. Arguably, given that amount of time, which was mostly used to age up Judith and Henry (who's still hella annoying, just much bigger), a lot more should have happened. Honestly, aside from the kids growing up, this could have easily been a two or three year jump given the gravitas of the changes. They weren't all that big, all things considered. The most surprising element here was that Alexandria and The Kingdom were still standing and that these folks were all still in it. When have we ever known anyone in this universe to last in a place this long? These characters all got a pass because if the cameras had kept rolling, just for the sake of drama, everything would have gone to s***. The jump allowed them a reprieve, of sorts.

That's not to say everything was copacetic and calm. Something happened with Hilltop. And whatever that was, whenever it gets explained to us, it's probably why Maggie's no longer around. Maybe. Sure, it could be that somehow relations with Hilltop disintegrated and no one's allowed to see Maggie anymore so she'll just remain off-screen. No actual death has been confirmed. We only know Lauren Cohan's done with the show for now. (Even if that annoyingly wasn't acknowledged on screen this week or last.)

The Walking Dead: "Who Are You Now?" Photos
Also, is whatever happened to Maggie tied to why Michonne is so strict about security these days? Only barely alluded to, it seems like there was some incident or adventure involving a person or persons being brought in and then causing havoc and it's made her want to lock down the entire place - for what seems like a while now. So it's not like these characters haven't experienced loss since Rick choppered away, it's just that it wasn't big enough topple their entire communities. I am curious though about Hilltop and what's going on over there with Jesus and Enid (is she gone or aged up?) and whether or not Maggie's alive. Carol's taking Henry there so we'll touch on all this eventually.

"Who Are You Now?" was a good catch-up episode that constantly offered up new information, which kept things moving. The new characters - Magna (the disagreeable one), Yumiko (the injured one), Connie and Kelly (who are apparently sisters, according to Talking Dead), and Luke - are fine. And all very sad about "Bernie," apparently. Their predicament, and Judith's stubborn kindness, were our entry point here, and it was partially through their eyes that we witnessed new Alexandria. Which was different, but the same. Alexandrians were caring, but cautious - akin to where Alexandria was when it first became a part of the show. Except now it wasn't accepting any new members. By the end, exceptions were made and Michonne softened enough to allow the new people to stay. Having them face a council as a group was a good way to give us a quick overview of each new face.

So what's up with Negan? Well, he's still behind bars. Again, it's one of those revelations that maybe could have worked a little better if this episode were only two years down the road, and not six. Because after six freakin' years Negan seems to be in pretty good spirits. And I like his genial relationship with Judith. He's always been at his best with kids and it's been his caring about kids, Carl in particular, that basically opened him up for any type of sympathy from us whatsoever.

Also, I see Michonne subscribes to the Lori school of thought involving making your kids still do goddamn algebra homework even though the entire world's been lost to gruesome oblivion. To be fair, at least Michonne's doing it in a world where thriving communities now exist and people will have to know basic math in order to build stuff and do rudimentary engineering. For poor Carl, he was just on Hershel's farm so bored out of his mind that he was allowing walkers to kill Dale.

What We Want to See in The Walking Dead Movies
Carol, sporting a long Geralt of Rivia-style white mane, now has the family that was not only robbed from her when the zombies hit, but also the family she basically never had because Ed was an abusive pig. And she's still a badass den mother - or you could use "Queen" here, which she hates - ready to murder an entire Savior brigade because they roughed up Henry a little bit. As mentioned, Henry's still terrible. He's just as impetuous as he was as a kid, when he was supposedly taught not to be impetuous anymore. Will he ever learn to be an unassuming psycho like his adoptive mother or will he always barrel headfirst into every dangerous scenario?

Anyhow, all these years later, "Who Are You Now?" wrapped up that whole Jed the Savior arc from the beginning of the season. As soon as he showed up I knew, or at least hoped, he'd get put down immediately. Because I did not want any of the past still lingering this large. Jed showing up, as grimy as ever, was okay as long as it was just to close out his story. Because we never actually saw what happened when everyone started shooting back in Episode 4. So like a Ghost of Christmas Past, Jed showed up, acted like a tool, and got deservedly burned alive. That was an awesome moment for Carol. I don't know where's she's at physically, with being able to fight back or gun down a bunch of people, but she can certainly stealth her way into an enemy camp and set a dozen souls ablaze. I mean, aside from killing Lizzie, this may have been her darkest deed.

Now, let's sift through the new changes, from "YAY" to "UGH, GABRIEL'S STILL SLOBBERING ON SOMEONE?"

(Yay!) Michonne is currently raising <del>Rick's</del> Shane's daughter, Judith and her and Rick's son R.J. ("Richard Jadis", I choose to believe). So yes, she did get pregnant before the bridge explosion. It's a pretty stable household considering Michonne seems to constantly chat it up with dead people.
(Aww) Aaron, now all Winter Soldier'd out with a metal arm, adopted baby Grace, who was seen here briefly as a little girl. Now... was she supposed to be Negan's or just...a rando zompocalypse baby?
(Okay) Negan's still locked up in the basement, but he seems to be in a better mental state.
(I Guess I'll Get Hot) Dr. Siddiq "Beard" Smolderson.
(Who'da Thunk?) Eugene is now a capable killer. Mullet-free, he's able to handle himself out there in the wild, killing walkers quickly and efficiently.
(We Exactly Thunk) Daryl vanished into the woods at the end of Episode 5 and...never came out. He just lives in the wilderness and stabs things with a stick. At least all the fishing gets him to bathe. Sorta.
(Still Crazy After All These Years) Carol's at home with her Queenly life, though still ready to fire it up when anyone threatens her family.
(Oh Henry!) Henry's still a punk.
(Surviving the Game) Rosita's basically been around so long that she's become a character by default. She's never been rounded out fully: She's always been defined by who she's with, either romantically or other. Even when Abraham was killed, her story shifted to "being angry over Abraham's death." Now she's with Gabriel, which unfortunately stands as another element that overshadows who she might be as a character.
(It's the Dead Eye, Isn't It?) Somehow, Gabriel's still out there smashing. Season 9 basically decided this guy wasn't an inept coward anymore and started giving him multiple romances. It's not, like, gross or anything (okay, it is) but it also doesn't feel right. Because he's not really a formed character either, so pairing him with anyone is also just more candy coating on a hollow shell. And before anyone out there argues that Eugene should be with Rosita, let's first explore the idea that no one should be with anyone. I know that's very un-TV of me, but don't get boxed into the whole idea of Eugene and Rosita simply because he "liked her first."
Finally - dem Whisperers! Yes, right at the end, as Rosita and Eugene tried to avoid becoming walker chow, they heard the herd groan out guttural sentences. For those who don't read the comics, there's some fun stuff ahead. It was a cool way to end the episode, after a roller coaster of change-ups.

The Walking Dead used a handful of new characters to bring us into the lives of Alexandrians (with some adjacent Kingdom-related goings-on) six-years later, with some changes working better than others. The most surprising twist, in all of this, was that everyone was still in the same spot after this long, but the episode still worked because the flood of new information, and new faces, carried us through swiftly.

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Biggest Games To Play In 2019 And Beyond: Cyberpunk 2077, Kingdom Hearts 3, More...

Biggest Games To Play In 2019 And Beyond: Cyberpunk 2077, Kingdom Hearts 3, More.

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Swamp Thing' Finds Its Title Character...

Andy Bean will play Alec Holland, while Derek Mears will play the titular Swamp Thing he eventually becomes.

An adaptation of the cult-favorite DC comic, Swamp Thingis set to revolve around CDC researcher Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) traveling to small-town Louisiana to investigate what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus. There, she develops a bond with biologist Alec Holland — who, we now know, will be played by Bean (It: Chapter Two). When Holland discovers that a bizarre local illness is connected to his research in the swamp, he comes into conflict with dark forces.


Who Is Swamp Thing :


Swamp Thing is a fictional character and  antihero in comic books published by American company DC COMICS.

A humanoid / plant elemental creature, created by writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson, the Swamp Thing has had several humanoid or monster incarnations in various different storylines. The character first appeared in House of Secrets #92 (July 1971) in a stand-alone horror story set in the early 20th century.

The character then returned in a solo series, set in the contemporary world and in the general DC continuity. 

The character is a swamp monster that resembles an anthropomorphic mound of vegetable matter, and fights to protect his swamp home, the environment in general, and humanity from various supernatural or terrorist threats:


Source : EW 






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Batman Vs Azrael..

Ok guys, it's Throwback Tues, and in the spot light this week is DC Comics & Marvel..First up is a classic by Joe Quesada.
Batman Vs Azrael...

Enjoy...Be well, be safe....

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Who Is Red Tornado....

Who is Red Tornado ?

Red Tornado is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

First appearance: (as Red Tornado), Justice League of America #64 (August 1968), (as Ulthoon), MORE

Creators: Gardner Fox, Dick Dillin..

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Andrew Lincoln to Return As Rick Grimes in Walking Dead Movies. Spoilers.


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers forTHE WALKING DEADSeason 9 episode "What Comes After," which premiered Sunday on AMC.


Andrew Lincoln may have exited AMC's The Walking Dead with Sunday's episode, but the character's story will continue in a trilogy of original movies for AMC.

In order to draw a walker herd away from the communities, Rick had to blow up the bridge leading to Alexandria. He was found, barely alive, in the aftermath of the explosion by Jadis, who sought help from the mysterious helicopter that's been flying around this season, and they were both taken away. According to The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple, these big-budget, feature-length TV movies will explain what comes after.


Source : CBR

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Birds of Prey Movie Casts Ewan McGregor as DC Villain Black Mask.



Happy Friday Guys...

Birds of Prey Movie Casts Ewan McGregor as DC Villain Black Mask

DC's Birds of Preymovie has cast Ewan McGregor to play the villain Black Mask. It was previously reported that Warner Bros. and DC had their eye on either McGregor or District 9's Sharlto Copley to portray the film's big bad - a character who, at the time, was heavily rumored to be Gotham City mob boss Roman Sionis (aka. Black Mask).
Birds of Prey itself has started to come together at a steady pace over the past few months, now that production is gearing up to begin in early 2019 (in order to make its scheduled February 2020 release date). Margot Robbie is reprising her Suicide Squad role as Harley Quinn in the film and will share the screen alongside a team of super-antiheroes that includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane) as mafia heiress-turned-vigilante Huntress and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Underground) as rough n' tumble street fighter Black Canary.

 Source : ScreenRant

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Spies in Disguise...Coming Soon....

A new month and a new beginning.

Fox Releases First Spies in Disguise Posters.

Spies in Disguise is an upcoming American 

3Dcomputer-animated spy and buddy comedy filmproduced by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, it is based on Lucas Martell's 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible, and stars the voices of Will Smith, Tom Holland, Ben Mendelsohn, Karen Gillan, Rashida Jones, DJ Khaled and Masi Oka.

The film is scheduled to be released on September 13, 2019Will Smith as Lance Sterling, who is described as "the world's most awesome spy"[3]

Tom Holland as Walter Beckett, a socially inept scientific genius who designs gadgets for Lance.

Rashida Jones as Marcy Kappel / Penelope Beckett

Ben Mendelsohn as Rocky Beckett

Karen Gillan as Edith "Eyes" Brown

DJ Khaled as Ears

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First Poster For Reign Of The Supermen Hits The Web.



A sequel to last summer's The Death of Superman, Reign explores what happens when the world has no Superman... and then has too many! On hand were executive producer James Tucker, producer/director Sam Liu, screenwriters Jim Krieg and Tim Sheridan, character designer Phil Bourassa, and actors Patrick Fabian (voice of Cyborg Superman/Hank Henshaw), Toks Olagundoye (voice of Cat Grant) and Nyambi Nyambi (voice of Martian Manhunter).

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Zack Snyder Confirms Batman Was Referencing Darkseid in 'Justice League'.

In what may be a case that was always obvious to a lot fans, Zack Snyder has just confirmed that yes, the "something darker" that Ben Affleck's Batman references during a scene in Justice League was in fact an allusion to DC villain Darkseid.
As Batman v Superman and Justice League clearly hint, Snyder's original plan for a two-part Justice League story would've eventually led to Darkseid's debut in the DC Extended Universe. Snyder confirmed as much over on Vero.


VERO: Zack just confirmed the “something darker” line meant Darkseid from DC Cinematic.


Again: this should be of little surprise to anyone who has followed the DCEU for any length of time; the war between Earth and Apokolips and Darkseid's emergence was something that a lot of fans had been waiting for ever since Man of Steel. If anything, hearing this confirmation from Zack Snyder simply twists the knife in the guts of every fan who was dying to see Snyder's vision for Justice League and are now championing the "#ReleaseTheSnyderCut" movement.

And yet, this same example also help to effectively illustrate why winning the fight to get the so-called "Snyder Cut" released may still be a loss in the end. Seeing Snyder's full vision for the film would no doubt put a lot more emphasis on what the filmmaker had planned to do after Justice League. Which, of course, doesn't appear to be in the cards at all.

What would be perhaps more fun would be if we could get a look at some kind of concept art or models for Snyder's DCEU version of Darkseid, and perhaps other iconic figures from Apokolips, such as Kalibak, Desaad, or Granny Goodness. Of course, director Ava DuVernay is taking on DC's New Gods movie, which deals with the war between the beings of Apokolips and its sister planet, New Genesis. So perhaps we'll still be seeing those same characters mentioned above in the DCEU soon enough.

The post-Snyder, post-Justice League era will truly begin with the release of Aquaman later this year. That film has gotten a recent boost in hype thanks to an extended trailer that teased an epic superhero adventure, one that is a lot lighter in spirit -- even with some horrific elements -- than what we've seen from the DCEU so far.

Upcoming DC Extended Universefilms include Aquaman on December 21st, Shazam on April 5, 2019, and Wonder Woman 2 on November 1, 2019.

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Watch the Trailer for 'Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest'.

Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest" premieres Sunday, September 23 at 9:00pm ET/PT on Disney XD! 


With "Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest" set to debut September 23 on Disney XD, fans can now watch the trailer for the exciting new season of the animated series, as T'Challa takes center stage. 

Check out the trailer above to get a look at Black Panther in action, as he fights alongside both his sister, Shuri, and his fellow Avengers, including Iron Man! 

In "Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest," the Black Panther must decide his loyalties. Is he an Avenger first or King of Wakanda? As the mysterious Shadow Council rises to challenge Wakanda, T’Challa teams up with his sister Shuri to go on missions that no other Avenger can. It’s a globe-trotting journey of espionage and mystery as old foes resurface and new friends are made. In the end, Black Panther must balance defending his home and stopping threats before they start. Is he a sword or a shield? Only he can decide.  



Asylum Kollectibles...

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Spider-Woman co-creator Marie Severin dies at age 89....



Longtime Marvel Comics artist and colorist, Marie Severin, who was inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2001, has passed away at the age of 89, following a recent stroke.

Former Marvel staffer and close friend to Severin, Irene Vartanoff .

Severin broke into the comic book industry in the late 1940s when her older brother, comic book artist John Severin (1922-2012), asked her to color one of his stories for EC Comics. She did such a good job that she was soon the regular colorist for EC Comics. When EC Comics’ comic book line went out of business following the institution of the Comics Code Authority (which seemed almost designed specifically to put EC Comics out of business), Severin worked for Atlas Comics a little bit before leaving comic books entirely to go work at the Federal Reserve.
Notable works: Doctor Strange,Sub-MarinerHulkNot Brand Echh

Awards: 1974 Shazam Award: 

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This is the first time the introductory Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk films have been released in IMAX theaters. Moviegoers can spend an entire day absorbing the backstories and adventures of their favorite heroes on the big screen.

Each participating theater will show four movies per day, kicking off with a matinee of "Iron Man." Only a few films will be repeated, including "Black Panther," "Doctor Strange" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

Here is the entire schedule for the 10th anniversary film festival. 

Thursday, Aug. 30: "Iron Man," "The Incredible Hulk," "Iron Man 2" and "Thor."

Friday, Aug. 31:"Captain America: The First Avenger," "The Avengers," "Iron Man 3" and "Thor: The Dark World."

Saturday, Sept. 1:"Captain America: The Winter Soldier," "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Ant-Man."

Sunday, Sept. 2:"Captain America: Civil War," "Doctor Strange," "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

Monday, Sept. 3:"Thor: Ragnarok," "Black Panther," "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Ant-Man & The Wasp."

Tuesday, Sept. 4 (Origins theme day): "Iron Man," "Spider-Man: Homecoming," "Black Panther" and "Doctor Strange."

Wednesday, Sept. 5 (Team Ups theme day):"Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2," "Captain America: Civil War," "The Avengers" and "Avengers: Infinity War."

Thursday, Sept. 6: TBA. 

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Why a Kraven the Hunter Movie Makes Sense, Even Without Spider-Man.




Sergei Kravinoff a.k.a. Kraven the Hunter, is finally poised to make his big screen debut. Sony previously teased plans for the Spider-Man foe, but now the project is reportedly moving forward with The Equalizer 2 screenwriter Richard Wenk currently working on a script. The still untitled movie will presumably take place within Sony’s upcoming cinematic universe that’ll start this October with Venom.


In Sony’s “Venom-Verse,” there are seemingly no plans for Spider-Man to make an appearance, with the wall-crawler currently active in Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Because of this, fan reaction to a Kraven the Hunter solo movie has been, well, mostly negative, despite the fact that the big-game hunter has major potential.


RELATED: Sony’s Kraven Movie Reportedly Hires The Equalizer 2 Screenwriter


While Kraven is a Spider-Man villain, it’s important to remember the web-slinger played no role in Sergei Kravinoff becoming Kraven the Hunter. The same can’t be said for Eddie Brock becoming Venom, yet Sony is finding ways to work around that spider-shaped obstacle. Spidey not being a part of Eddie Brock’s transformation into Venom initially rubbed fans the wrong way, but the studio appears to be winning them over as more and more Venom footage is released, and the truth is, adapting Kraven’s story won’t be nearly as challenging for the studio.


When Kraven made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #15, those living in the Marvel Universe already knew who he was. J. Jonah Jameson sang Sergei’s praise, calling him a “living legend” and “the greatest hunter of all time!” Kraven was a straight-up celebrity before he ever met Spider-Man, and if you take that to heart, then there’s a story to tell that doesn’t involve Peter Parker at all, one that finds Sergei become obsessed with someone else that has defeated him.

Source : CBR


Asylum Kollectibles


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FX Network has confirmed that the television adaptation of Y.



The CEO of the FX Network has confirmed that the television adaptation of Y: The Last Man will simply be called ‘Y’.

This title is a reference to the Y-chromosome, an important part of the post-apocalyptic series.

It was also confirmed that Yorick’s capuchin monkey companion Ampersand would be featured in the show, which does not currently have a release date.


Asylum Kollectibles


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American Horror Story has been picked up for a 10th season. 



The long-running horror anthology series American Horror Story has been picked up for a 10th season.

The FX Network would not comment on whether the 10th season will be the series finale.

The upcoming eighth season of American Horror Story, Apocalypse, premieres on September 12th.


Asylum Kollectibles





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Batman & Batgirl Lead Next Wave of FunkO’s Cereal



Listern Up...


Batman & Batgirl Lead Next Wave of FunkO’s Cereal.


Popular toy collectible manufacturing company Funko made a splash earlier this summer when it announced that it was bringing the fun back in breakfast by releasing an exclusive line of cereal boxes that contained an old school toy inside. The initial wave, which featured such themes as Mega Man, Freddy Krueger and Gollum, all featured boxes showcasing stunning retro-style art, as well as a mini collectible Pop! figure inside the box as a prize.

Now, it appears like this first wave was a big success, because the company has already announced a second wave of themed cereal boxes — and they are sure to be even more popular than the original line. Spearheading this new wave are Batman and Batgirl FunkO’s cereals, who are appropriately blue and purple, respectively.

RELATED: Funko to Serve Up Breakfast (and Nostalgia) With FunkO’s Cereal

Both of the cereal boxes will be available through Entertainment Earth, while Box Lunch will get an exclusive Beetlejuice-themed box, complete with dark green cereal. Fans of Hannah Barbera will be able to order a Huckleberry Hound box through Funko’s online website, while It fans will have to hit Hot Topic to get their hands on the Pennywise cereal boxes.

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Spider-Geddon Coming Soon !!!!!


Spinning out of the pages of Spider-Man #800, Dan Slott’s epic conclusion to his ten year run delivers you straight into SPIDER-GEDDON #1, where Slott teams with writer Christos Gage and artist Jorge Molina to bring Marvel’s Spider-Heroes together in one of the most epic stories ever!

Featuring new villains and old villains, shocking deaths and shocking returns, and all the Spider-Characters you can fit into one larger-than-life tale, this is a Marvel Spider-Event not to be missed!

“Spider-Verse took the multitudes of Spider-Characters and put them all on the same stage and we've been playing with it ever since,” teased editor Nick Lowe. “SPIDER-GEDDON straps dynamite to that stage and blows it to smithereens. The most dangerous spider-villain ever, Morlun, and his family of INHERITORS were trapped in the perfect prison at the end of SPIDER-VERSE. But like in any super hero story, there's always a way out and you won't believe how these Spider-Eaters get out. But they’re out and they want revenge.”

“Having had the great pleasure of collaborating with Dan Slott and an all-star array of artists on Spider-Verse, I'm thrilled to be part of SPIDER-GEDDON!” shared writer Christos Gage. “In addition to old favorites, SPIDER-GEDDON will see some new parallel-world Spideys show up...notably the Peter Parker from the world of Marvel's Spider-Man, the Playstation 4 video game I've been working on for the past several years with the great folks at Insomniac Games! Of course, I'd be remiss not to mention how excited I am about once again writing REDACTED, the REDACTED! Is he the hero SPIDER-GEDDON needs...or the biggest threat to our world? Comics should be fun, thrilling, and a little scary. With SPIDER-GEDDON, we're looking to deliver on all counts.”

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for more announcements regarding tie-in titles and other surprises, as Marvel prepares to reveal more about SPIDER-GEDDON!

The end of the Spider-Verse is nigh…and the revenge of the Spider-Verse is here in SPIDER-GEDDON!

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Filipino artist Ty “Bong” Dazo, known for his memorable work on Marvel’s Deadpool and Dark Horse’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, passed away.


Filipino artist Ty “Bong” Dazo, known for his memorable work on Marvel’s Deadpool and Dark Horse’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, passed away. He was 56 years old. According to a report by Bleeding Cool, Dazo was previously diagnosed with liver cancer.

Shortly after reports of the artist’s death began circulating, Marvel confirmed his passing, tweeting “Marvel is deeply saddened by the loss of Ty ‘Bong’ Dazo, artist of Deadpool and more great comics. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends, and fans around the world.”

Angelo Ty Dazo was born on June 16, 1962 in Meycauayan, Philippines and adopted the nickname “Bong” from the Filipino senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. The artist enjoyed a long career in comics working for Marvel, Dark Horse, 451 Media, and Zenescope Entertainment. 

At Marvel, he is perhaps best remembered for collaborating with Victor Gischler on Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth, along with contributing to such events as Secret Invasion, Shadowland, and War of Kings. He later drew a few issues of Daniel Way’s run on the main Deadpool series. 

More recently, he contributed to 451’s Bad Moon Rising and Darby Pop’s Side-Kicked, while also illustrating covers for Zenescope Entertainment’s Belle: Beast Hunter.

Dazo is survived by his wife, Jessica, and two children, Johan and Jianon.

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Disney Casting Ms. Marvel Role; Filming Starts Next Year?



A Disney casting call appears to suggest Marvel is looking to cast the character of Kamala Khan. According to the casting call, Marvel intends the hero to star in a standalone Ms. Marvel film, to begin production next year.

Marvel visionary Kevin Feigerecently revealed that the studio has plans for the character of Kamala Khan, aka. Ms. Marvel. "Ms. Marvel is definitely in the works," he revealed, to the delight of the young hero's many fans.

Just days ago, speaking at the Production Guild's 10th annual Produced By conference, Feige explained why the studio has held back on Kamala to date. 

"We wanted to get Captain Marvel out there first," he noted, "so that there is something for a young Muslim girl to get inspired by." Those comments clearly seemed to imply a comic-book-accurate portrayal.



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