Montoya : DC Comic Finest

Montoya : DC Comic Finest



Became More Than Just a Gotham City Cop.

Before she joined the Birds of Prey, Renee Montoya went through a radical transformation that turned her into one of DC's most compelling heroes.
standards of the 80-year-old DC Universe, Renee Montoya is still relatively young compared to most Batman characters. In 28 years since her creation, she has been put through the emotional wringer and has evolved into a very different character from the one she was when she originally debuted. But even if Birds of Prey didn't give Montoya a chance to suit up as her heroic alter ego, the Question, she's still evolved more than most supporting characters and has one of the most coherent arcs in the DC Universe.

Originally, Montoya was created for Batman: The Animated Series, where she appeared as a background character for several episodes before getting speaking lines in the Season 1 episode “P.O.V.” As such, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Mitch Brian are considered her creators, even though she didn't actually debut in the series. Before she jumped into the world of that fan-favorite Batman cartoon, she was preemptively introduced in comics in Batman #475, by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle.

Montoya was a uniformed Gotham City Police Department officer who was trusted by Commissioner Gordon. While that was her general status for several years, she began evolving into a different, more complex character under the pen of writer Greg Rucka. Starting with Rucka and Jeason Pearson's Batman Chronicles #16 in 1999 and continuing on through the "No Man’s Land" crossover, Montoya was given a complicated relationship with Harvey Dent and his lesser half, Two-Face.  As Greg Rucka himself said in an interview, “If everyone in the DC universe has a special ability or superpower, then Renee’s ability was that she could get both Harvey and Two-Face to listen to her.


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