Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins Toys Indicate Cartoon-Accurate Costumes..

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins Toys Indicate Cartoon-Accurate Costumes..



Hasbro unveils a new line of G.I. Joe figures which provide evidence that the Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins movie will have cartoon-accurate costumes.

Hasbro has given the first look at a new cartoon-accurate G.I. Joe toy line inspired by the Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins feature film.

The list of toys reported by Yahoo finds multiple variations of Snake Eyes (played by Henry Golding) alongside other G.I. Joe characters such as Storm Shadow, Baroness, Night Creeper, Scarlett and a Red Ninja. As for the titular G.I. Joe ninja, there is a 6-inch Snake Eyes, 12-inch Ninja Strike Snake Eyes, Snake Eyes on a Stealth Cycle and a Ninja Tech Snake Eyes on display.

Set to go on sale Aug. 1, the 6-inch Snake Eyes retails for $9.99; 12-inch Ninja Strike Snake Eyes with a sword-slashing motion is priced at $19.99; Snake Eyes' Stealth Cycle sells for $9.99 and can attach to the 6-inch figure; and Ninja Tech Snake Eyes with a special waist action is $9.99. The rest of the figures for Storm Shadow, Baroness and Scarlett are also priced at $9.99 each. However, Night Creepers, Scarlett and Red Ninjas don't go on sale until Nov.1, after Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins rescheduled its release date for October.


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