Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Batman in Flashpoint?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Batman in Flashpoint?



Warner Bros. had a pretty eventful panel today, packed with a few surprises. For a lot of DC fans the silent announcement of a Flashpoint movie was the most exciting reveal of the day, or quite possibly the last year. And now things are starting to get a little (or a lot) more interesting as Jeffrey Dean Morgan could end up being the next Batman.

Morgan and Lauren Cohan play Thomas and Martha Wayne, respectively in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and as it's known to DC fans, those two play a large part of Flashpoint, the just announced title for The Flash movie

While at San Diego's Comic-Con at the Walking Dead panel, the Jeffrey Dean Morgan Twitter account posted an image of him and Cohan at the Walking Dead panel, but the interesting part about the post is the caption. The caption reads: "Did you say... Flashpoint?" and then tagged Lauren Cohan in the post. Morgan has expressed interest in a [Flashpoint} project with him jumping into the role of The Dark Knight and that could very well become a reality now.

The Flashpoint storyline was written by DC's Geoff Johns and tells the story of Barry Allen traveling back in time to try and stop the murder of his mother. When he returns to the present day, he finds that his mother is still alive but the world is an entirely different place from the one that he initially left behind. The alternate reality is not a pretty one, the Justice League no longer exists and most importantly here, the robbery of the Wayne family takes an interesting twist as Bruce Wayne is murdered instead of his family. Ultimately, Thomas Wayne becomes Batman and Martha Wayne becomes the Joker.

Now this is speculation at this point, but this could end up being the reason that rumors started to swirl about the studio giving Ben Affleck the boot from The Batman. Affleck addressed those rumors today by stating that he'd play the part of Batman for as long as the studio will have him and the Warner Bros. has pretty much echoed that statement lately. Although it has not been confirmed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan will play a part in Flashpoint, it does make an awful lot of sense and plus, it looks like Morgan is having a lot of fun with us already... But Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Thomas Wayne version of Batman just sounds almost too perfect.

Flashpoint turned the universe on its side in the comic books, imagine what it could do to the DCEU... Again, this is all pure speculation at this point, but it does make sense on a bunch of different levels that Flashpoint would work out this way. Let the Batman wars start up all over again; Ben Affleck might finally lose those Christian Bale comparisons real soon and have to compete with Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Batman supremacy. IN the meantime check out Jeffrey Dean Morgan's social media post below. At this time, Flashpoint doesn't have a director.




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