Cullen Bunn scares up new horror series Regression at Image Comics !!! Avaliable 05-10 -17

Cullen Bunn scares up new horror series Regression at Image Comics  !!!  Avaliable 05-10 -17


It comes as no surprise that Cullen Bunn likes to write horror, since he apparently doesn't ever sleep. Just this week saw the release of his Monsters Unleashed event for Marvel, and he continues to helm the relaunch of Micronauts at IDW ... as well as writing his own chilling creation Harrow County at Dark Horse. And I'm sure I'm forgetting some other comics he's writing, such as Deadpool: Back in Black and Uncanny X-Men.

Quite fittingly, his next big project is a creator-owned book about a guy with waking nightmares at one of the few major publishers left for him to conquer: Image Comics. His new series, Regression, is set to debut in May and will feature art by Haunted artist Danny Luckert, with colors and lettering by Marie Enger (Pistolwhip).

The story follows a man named Adrian as he desperately turns to past-life regression hypnotherapy in an attempt to cure his visions. On top of the lack of sleep, the hypnotherapy is another aspect that Bunn is pulling from real-life experiences.

"My father was a professional hypnotist for many years," the writer explains in the press release. "While it wasn't part of his on-stage act, he often conducted past life regressions. During these sessions I saw people describing other time periods with pinpoint accuracy and even saw someone speaking a language they didn't know. I also witnessed some really extremely creepy regressions that planted the seeds for this story of supernatural horror conspiracy."

In Adrian's regression, he'll see something even more horrifying than the visions he was trying to get rid of ... and will be followed back by something unspeakable. The series promises "a world of occult conspiracy, mystery, reincarnation and insanity — from which there is no escape."

Readers of Bunn's horror titles like Harrow County or The Sixth Gun will definitely want to check out his first work with Image Comics when Regression #1 hits comic book stores on May 10.

But be careful ... you may end up getting as little sleep as the writer.

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