Walking Dead # 155 "Call To Arms Story Line " 151,152,153,154,155,156 February 2016 - July 2016

Walking Dead # 155 "Call To Arms Story Line " 151,152,153,154,155,156  February 2016 - July 2016


 Soiler Alert : If you have not read this book:

Walking Dead # 155 "Call To Arms Story Line " 151,152,153,154,155,156  February 2016 - July 2016 


Michonne is fighting the Whisperers, telling Aaron to hold on. She prevents Beta from killing him, and after a brief struggle, she gets the better of him. However a Whisperer sneaks up on her and she is forced to kill it, giving Beta a chance to get free. She chops off the Whisperer's hand and kicks him towards some walkers, which devour him. Beta tackles her to the ground but just as he is about to kill her, Dwight appears with reinforcements.

Beta escapes in the heat of the gunfire as the remaining Whisperers are killed. At the insistence of Dwight, Michonne rushes to Aaron and heads out to the Hilltop on horseback. Michonne tells them to hunt Beta down, however when she is gone, Dwight tells the Militia to move out.

Andrea and Rick are arguing in their house. Andrea is telling Rick to take down the "SILENCE THE WHISPERS" signs, to no avail. Rick says the people of the communities need to direct their anger towards someone, and it can't be him. He reveals to Andrea of the plan to hurt Lydia and how he was attacked. When asked, he says he is manipulating the residents for their own good. Andrea says he sounds like Negan, and Rick pauses for a moment, before telling her that there's something she should know.

Negan is engaging in some "friendly" conversation with Alpha, making crude jokes. After a while, she asks how he survived so long. He tells her he was with another group, but they "booted him out". She asks him if he's looking for revenge on these people. He says it's not the kind of thing he'd ask for on a first date. As he leans in, Alpha asks him to stop, but he continues making sexual remarks, leading to Alpha punching him in the face, prompting Negan to apologise, saying "I can tell when I crossed a line".

Beta suddenly appears and, having witnessed Alpha strike Negan, he offers to kill Negan on the spot. Alpha refuses the offer, and Negan remarks that Beta is "really tall". Beta worldlessly grabs Negan by the throat with one hand, lifts him into the air and pins him against a tree. He tells them about his encounter with Michonne, Aaron and the Militia. Negan admits he lied, saying "..When I'm scared out of my fucking mind and pissing my pants in the most manliest way possible, I will lie through my fucking teeth". Alpha orders him to explain himself. He doesn't, saying Beta is scary, and to just kill him if that's what they're going to do. Alpha asks him if he's scared, to which he replies "no". He says he lived longer than he expected to live. When Alpha asks him why he came, Negan says he has a "hell of a lot to offer" her.

Siddiq is watching out for Michonne and Aaron. Rick approaches, asking Siddiq to tell him if he sees anything. He tells Rick he'll be "the first to know". Elsewhere, Michonne is riding back with Aaron, begging him to hang on.

At the Hilltop, Carl awakes to find Lydia watching him. She tells him she wouldn't be there without him. Maggie and Brianna are tending to a horse. Maggie tells her that she doesn't like being kept in the dark, saying she wants word from Alexandria. They suddenly hear someone yelling to "OPEN THE GATE!" and Michonne soon rushes in with Aaron. She yells at them to get Doctor Carson, telling them Aaron's not breathing.

Elsewhere, Dwight puts down a zombified Brandon. Then crossing back over the border, Dwight tells the Militia to hurry, saying that they are in danger. He says "we engaged with the enemy on enemy territory. This is an act of war".





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