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‘The Batman’ coming 2021.



‘The Batman’ To Fly In Summer 2021; Ben Affleck Passes The Torch To Next Generation Of Bruce Wayne


EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros. is dating their next rendition of Batman for June  25, 2021. This is the one that Matt Reeveshas been attached to as writer and director. Ben Affleck, we hear, will not be donning the Dark Knight’s tights after playing the Caped Crusader in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League and that’s because this movie will focus on a younger Bruce Wayne.


Reeves boarded Batman in February 2017, taking over for Affleck who was originally set to direct off a script he wrote with DC’s Geoff Johns. Affleck, we understand has a busy plate:  As Deadline exclusively broke he is starring in and producing the feature adaptation of Kate Alice Marshall‘s novel I Am Still Alive,which Universal won in a competitive bidding scenario. The two-time Oscar winner is also starring in the Warner Bros.’ Gavin O’Connor drama Torrance. Affleck worked hard on The Batmanstory, but knew he wasn’t the right one for this particular version. A search is underway for a new Dark Knight.


Source : Deadline

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Kevin Conroy Reveals The Real Reason They Stopped Making ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

Kevin Conroy, who has voiced Bruce Wayne-slash-Batman across several iterations for 26 years, said the DC animated universe — or the Timmverse — dried up because the creators “ran out of ideas for stories.”

Appearing at MCM Comic Con London on May 26, Conroy was asked if he’d consider reprising the role in a reboot of Batman: The Animated Series, saying, “Oh gosh, yeah, I’d love to.”

They didn’t stop making the shows because the audience wasn’t there or the actors weren’t there, they stopped, really, because the creators ran out of ideas for stories. And they didn’t want to compromise on the quality of what they had and start creating kind of silly stories,” Conroy explained.

“So they go, ‘Look, we gotta go in a whole new different direction.’ So then they went to Batman and Robin, they brought in Robin, that was the next series. Then they went into Batman Beyond, you know, recruiting a young guy. And then it was the Justice League. They were always looking at different ways to re-imagine the characters, just so they can get new storylines. A lot of it had to do with trying to come up with stories that weren’t becoming ridiculous.”

“But all the actors would love to have done more of them,” Conroy added. “You could get all those actors back today, in a booth, to do more animated series shows because everyone loved it that much.”

Batman: The Animated Series launched in 1992, running through 1995. It was later re-introduced as The New Batman Adventures, bringing in young sidekick crime-fighters Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl.

Futuristic sequel Batman Beyond launched in early 1999, which saw Conroy’s older, grizzled Batman pass the torch to 16-year-old Terry McGinnis. Conroy’s Batman would be back in action twice more in 2001 animated series Justice League and its sequel, 2004’s Justice League Unlimited.

In addition to both theatrical and straight-to-video feature-length films, Conroy has also voiced the Dark Knight in the popular Arkham video game series — influenced by the Timmverse — and has since voiced the character in animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn and the ongoing kid-friendly Justice League Action.

Source : CBR

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Wow !!!! Batman, Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal...

John Campea is a movie pundit who doesn’t break a lot of movie news. But he was one of the first people to say that Ben Affleck wouldn’t star in The Batman and he broke the news that Jake Gyllenhaal met with director Matt Reeves about playing the Dark Knight. So his recent track record is pretty good.



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Caped Crusader, Dark Knight, Batman the World's greatest Detective.....


Dark Knight. Caped Crusader. World’s Greatest Detective. Whatever you know him as, wherever you know him from—the blockbuster movies, TV shows, video games, cartoons, or millions of comics—Batman is proof you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero… and the poster boy for what a bad childhood can do to you.


Millionaire Bruce Wayne was just a kid when he watched his parents get gunned down during a mugging in Gotham City. The crime would define his life, as he dedicated himself to becoming the world’s greatest weapon against crime—the Batman.
Forget his Batarangs, Batmobile, or Utility Belt filled with high-tech weapons. Batman is the most feared superhero of all, because he’s pushed himself to the absolute pinnacle of human achievement. He’s a brilliant detective who’s mastered fighting techniques the world’s barely heard of.
An Olympic-caliber athlete with a plan for every occasion, Batman’s seemingly always five steps ahead of his foes. But in his crusade against injustice, two questions always loom: How far will he go to protect the innocent, and will he sacrifice his humanity along the way?
Source : DC
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Harley negotiates the term of her alliance with Batman in Batman and Harley Quinn..



Spawned from an original story by animation icon Bruce Timm, Batman and Harley Quinn brings legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy back to his most famous role. Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue (a.k.a. The Floronic Man) embark on an ecological quest to save the planet—and, unfortunately, eliminate most of humankind along the way.

To save humanity, Batman and Nightwing are forced to enlist Harley Quinn to catch Poison Ivy, Harley’s BFF and frequent partner-in-crime.

But Batman’s patience is put to the test by the unpredictable and untrustworthy Harley during the twists and turns the reluctant companions face during their bumpy road trip. The result is a thrill ride of action, adventure and comedy no Batman fan has seen before.

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Ben Affleck reportedly signs up for DCEU'S Batman Trilogy.....


Ben Affleck Reportedly Signs Up For DCEU's Batman Trilogy And A Future 'Batman Beyond' Adaptation

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
He may have been considered by fans to be the best part of the divisive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Ben Affleck's professional relationship with DC and the greater DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been uncertain as of late. Affleck was rumored to be having disagreements with producers, ranging from creative differences to a general dissatisfaction with the DCEU's current direction. These rumors, however, may have finally been put to rest by Ben Affleck, who reportedly just signed up to be a part of the DCEU for the long haul.

Bat-Fleck, More BatmanMovies And Beyond have reported that the actor-director of critically acclaimed features like Argo and The Town just signed a contract that solidified his future in the . According to the website's Warner Brothers insiders, Affleck signed on to reprise his role as Gotham's Dark Knight for director Matt Reeves' planned Batman trilogy and the future Batman Beyond adaptations.

"Affleck has signed on to appear as the Batman in Matt Reeves Trilogy. Affleck will play the Dark Knight for three more films, with the last leading into a Batman Beyond film, which will also lead to the next phase of the DC Extended Universe."

While Reeves' take on the Caped Crusader's nocturnal escapades in the crime-ridden Gotham City will surely be something to look out for, the most interesting development here is the confirmation of a DCEU adaptation of .




Batman Beyond was an animated series that acted as a sequel to the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series. Here, an aging Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) has retired and passed the mantle to Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) in a futuristic, crime-infested Gotham City where old and new foes roam the streets.

Despite being an original concept that didn't start out as a comic,Batman Beyond spawned a large following and has since been considered to be a part of the greater DC canon.

DC and Warner Brothers have been trying to adapt McGinnis' crime-fighting crusade to the big screen for years, but their efforts have proven futile. Following the failure of Batman and Robin in 1997, DC shuffled their plans for a Batman reboot, including a live-action take on Batman Beyond. In the end, DC placed its trust in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy, which proved to be a fantastic decision from the studio.

The DCEU's Batman Beyond: How It Will Happen

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

By the time the DCEU would be ready to adapt Batman Beyond, Affleck would be the perfect age to finally take a back seat. Not only will Affleck's age make him a perfect fit for an older Bruce Wayne, but his continued presence in the DCEU would strengthen the cinematic universe's continuity while keeping one of its fan-favorite characters around for a little while longer.

The DCEU may have gotten off to a rocky start, but it's finally shaping up to be the cinematic universe that DC fans deserve. With Ben Affleck's reportedly renewed presence as the most bad-ass Batman to ever hit the big screen, things are looking up for Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Univer

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Ben Affleck reiterates Spring 2017 start for Batman Movie




Despite saying earlier this week that he is a believer in “not reverse engineering projects to meet a window or a date,” Ben Affleck reiterated to Variety that plans are still on for his solo Batman movie to shoot in the spring of 2017.

“We’re on the right track with that and everything is coming together. We’re still finishing up a script. I’m very excited.”
Affleck also opened up about what came before him as well, saying:
“I respect all of those [Batman] movies. Christopher Nolan did an incredible job, Christian Bale did an incredible job, Tim Burton did an incredible job. At a certain point you have to look forward and try to believe in your own vision for it and not be looking over your shoulder the whole time. I go into that movie with a tremendous amount of respect for the people who came before me.”
Joe Manganiello will face off against Ben Affleck’s Batman in the film as Deathstroke, after first making his debut in the upcoming Justice League, with additional appearances by Jeremy Irons as Alfred and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon expected to happen as well. Affleck will both star in the film and sit in the director’s chair. DC Entertainment President and CCO Geoff Johns will serve as co-writer (with Affleck) and producer.
An official release date for the Batman film hasn’t been set, but it was previously reported the film could take the June 14, 2019 release date that had been set aside for the Justice League sequel.
Source : superherohype
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Affleck's The Batman Script Is a Mess, and Warner Bros. Doesn't Care?


The saga surrounding Ben Affleck's upcoming The Batman continues. First, the movie seemed all but confirmed, then Affleck made some comments that made it seem like the movie wasn't totally happening yet and after that, Joe Manganiello seemed to confirm shooting dates for next year. It's been messy. Now it appears that the script for The Batman is a total mess, and Warner Bros. doesn't even care.

Recently, The Ringer published a piece called "Movies Aren't Dead, but They'll Never Be the Same" about the current state of the movie industry. In it, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis revealed that, according to some executives he's talked to, The Batman script currently has some serious issues, but that doesn't really seem to concern the brass at Warner Bros. Here is what he had to say.

"[They] were just telling me that there are serious problems with the script. And that the executives I was having dinner with were complaining about people who work on the Batman movie. And they just said they went to the studio and they said, 'Look, the script is ... Here's 30 things that are wrong with it that we can fix.' And [the executives] said, 'We don't care. We don't really care. The amount of money we're going to make globally, I mean 70 percent of our audience is not going to be seeing this in English. And it doesn't really matter, these things that you're bringing up about the flaws of the script.' So I do think global concerns play a big part in how movies, and what movies, are being made, obviously."

This information may be coming from an unexpected source, but it is still potentially very troubling. Even those DC Expanded Universe fans who loved both Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, of which there are many, can probably acknowledge that there were serious story problems in both movies. It seems like that might almost be by design if Bret Easton Ellis is even halfway correct with his comments. The fact of the matter is both of those movies brought in a ton of money at the box office despite abysmal critical response. Perhaps they are hoping the DCEU will be more akin to the Transformers franchise where people just show up no matter what ends up on the screen.

The difference here is that Ben Affleck has a lot of control over what is happening with The Batman. Not only has he personally been working on the script and insisting that the movie won't get made until it is right, but he is directing the movie as well. The man has an Oscar for screenwriting and his last movie Argo won Best Picture. His track record kind of speaks for itself at this point. He was one of the best parts of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but that was still a Zack Snyder movie. If Ben Affleck doesn't feel like The Batman is ready, it simply won't happen. They can't just hire another director to push around, because Ben Affleck is also playing the Caped Crusader, so it is his movie to save or ruin at this point. Still, it is concerning to think that Warner Bros. really may feel that way about a movie so many fans are looking forward to.

There is no doubt that The Batman (if that does ultimately wind up being the title of the movie) is going to happen at some point, but it seems like the kind of thing that Warner Bros. will want to prioritize. With Joe Manganiello already cast as Deathstroke, it is clear that preparations are being made and if he is to be believed, the movie could be shooting as early as March of 2017, which means we could possibly see the new Batman movie in 2018. It also seems like the movie is going to happen even if Warner Bros. thinks the script is a disaster, but hopefully Ben Affleck can prevent another dumpster fire for the DCEU.


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Joe Manganiello to Play Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ Movie !!!!

According to none other than DC Comics president/CCO and DC Extended Universe overlord Geoff JohnsJoe Manganiello will indeed be playing the mercenary/assassin Deathstroke in Warner Bros.’ upcoming film slate. It’s looking like Manganiello will be antagonizing Ben Affleck‘s Batman in the writer/director/star’s solo adventure that’s looking to hit screens as early as 2018. And while fans might get a glimpse of Deathstroke, a.k.a. Slade Wilson, in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Justice League film (perhaps in a stinger scene), we’ve actually already seen the man in action thanks to a teaser released by Affleck over social media.

Though quotes are scant at the moment, the news comes from The Wall Street Journal which reports that Johns himself confirmed the casting. Johns stopped short of confirming whether or not Manganiello had a cameo in Justice League, but since the production is still underway in London, there’s every chance that he’ll make an appearance. Whether that was always the plan or whether that opportunity will come up in the eventual reshoots remains to be seen.

In case you missed it, here’s Affleck’s reveal of the live-action version of Deathstroke, now known to be Manganiello:


Source : Collide

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Deathstroke Will Be the Main Antagonist of Batman’s Solo Film !!!!!


On the heels of Ben Affleck’s Deathstroke tease, TheWrap reports that the character will be the primary antagonist of the upcoming “Batman” solo film.

Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Deathstroke originally appeared as an antagonist in “The New Teen Titans” #2 and first encountered Batman in the “City of Assassins” storyline of his solo series. A mercenary and assassin, the character has gone on to become a villain for multiple other characters, up to and including Green Arrow. In addition to “Arrow,” Deathstroke has appeared in “Lois & Clark,” “Smallville,” the animated “Teen Titans” television series, “Young Justice,” and “Beware the Batman.”

Affleck’s tease follows “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim’s comments about the character, who appeared as a primary antagonist in the first two seasons of the popular CW series. In February, Guggenheim told fans, “The character of Slade Wilson [Deathstroke] is currently tied up in another DC project.” From the looks of Affleck’s video, it appears that Deathstroke might just show up in “Justice League,” at least briefly.

Directed by Zack Snyder, “Justice League” hits theaters on November 17, 2017. The Ben Affleck-directed “Batman” film hasn’t been given a release date.


Source : CBR

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Holy Batman The Caped Crusaders Return,,,, With Ward & West !!!!

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SDCC: King, Snyder & More Explore Batman's "Rebirth !!!!



Batman has officially changed hands. Following "Batman: Rebirth," "The Vision" scribe Tom King has taken the reins of the "Batman" solo title from longtime writer Scott Snyder ("All-Star Batman") -- and this isn't the only major shakeup for DC Comics' Bat-titled. Julie and Shawna Benson have launched an all-new "Batgirl and the Birds of Prey" book, while James Tynion IV helms "Detective Comics." Together, these Bat-writers took the stage at Comic-Con Internation in San Diego to offer fans an exclusive first look at the Dark Knight's future. "Batman" group editor Mark Doyle introduced the writers as they took the stage.

"I was working on 'Batman' with Greg [Capullo] -- he says hi -- and... he wanted to sort of try something different for a bit before he comes back to do stuff with me... So I came up with this idea where I investigate all the villains I never got to use," Snyder said of "All-Star Batman." "There are some superstars like John Romita, Jock... and some newcomers, like Afua Richardson."

"I was left to do something that was more like off-roading with Batman in the Batmobile," he continued. "Our version of Two-Face... looks at you with this sort of blood red eye." He explained that Two-Face will be a secret-keeper of Gotham.

"I read a lot of scripts... and 'All-Star Batman' #1 is the best script I've ever read," King shared. "Honestly."

"This is a series where every weird villain [shows up]," Snyder added. "A big villain in this is KGBeast."

"We had this argument over whether Batman is funny or not. I think he's just mean!" he said as he explained his first issue of "All-Star Batman." "I just got to shout out John Romita on this book... We're having such a good time. Dean White -- the colors are out of control."

"Another part of the book is the backups about Duke Thomas. It's like the secret life of Robin," he revealed, praising Jordie Bellaire's work on it.

Doyle then handed the microphone over to King. "Mikel [Janin] is my brother -- we did 'Grayson' together... so when I think comics, I think Mikel in my mind. We're doing something unique with 'Batman' with the double-ship... and when we stepped up to the double-ship, we committed to... giving you the quality without missing one deadline," King promised. "David Finch is doing five issues, and Mikel is doing five issues [for the next story arc]. At the end of the year, you will have three complete trades with three complete stories."

He also revealed that Cyborg and Flash will show up in "Batman," though he offered no details about what they would be doing in the issue.

"The idea behind Batman that I wanted to do -- I grew up with the animated series -- so David and I got on the phone," King said, explaining that they both wanted to do a classic Batmobile based on "Batman: The Animated Series."

"So Scott and I were at a con drinking scotch from a bottle, and we literally played like a game show because we're crazy nerds. And we were like, 'What hasn't been done with Batman?'" King recalled. "It was a challenge. The thing with mine is that... when a writer gets Batman, they introduce a villain." He went on to explain that he wanted to take the opposite route and introduce a hero instead, and thus Gotham and Gotham Girl were born.

As to "Detective Comics," Tynion praised the return to the series' original number as a way to honor the title's legacy. "It means the world, especially because it's a tremendous honor to take part in that legacy and also because it's a challenge... you have to try to do something new and different and exciting," he shared.

"The biggest thing I wanted when I was a kid was a Batman team book," he said. "There are a lot of incredible 'Detective' stories that have always been the 'other' 'Batman' title... I wanted to do something about how he relates to each other characters in the Batman family."

He went on to describe why Batwoman was so central to the series, referencing her relation to Bruce Wayne and why they function of the nucleus of the title.

This book is my dream book. This is what I've wanted to do with Gotham city since I was a teenager," he shared. "I'm just so excited -- and just look at this art! [Eddie Barrows] is doing the work of his career... I'm just so honored to be a part of this team... it's passion on every page."

King praised Tnyion's work, comparing it to the "soap opera feel" of the original "Uncanny X-Men" series.

"Clayface is one of the most fascinating villains to me. He serves so many purposes... you want a character who's striking on a cover next to everyone," Tynion shared, adding that Clayface can perform "Black Ops"-esque missions due to this shapeshifting abilities. "The heart of the character is a man who went down the wrong path."

"Clayface will be one of your favorite Batman characters for the rest of your lives when you're finished reading this series," he concluded.

"Batgirl and the Birds of Prey" came up next. "Who is Oracle? Well, Oracle is a big part of Barbara's background... We wanted to get her focused on a mission that would be personal," said Benson. "Having that being the focus felt organic to what already happened in the past. It's so cool to go back to the original three [Batgirl, Huntress and Black Canary]... It's been really, really fun... [Batman] may or may not show up."

"Claire Roe is so rock-and-roll," she said of the artwork. "She's just killing it... It really is a good marriage between the art and what we're trying to do."

"All three of these characters are coming from their own individual books... so getting to bring all those women together into one book is a lot of fun," Benson shared. "We kind of just took the ball that was going and just running with it."

Steve Orlando, who had been sitting in the audience, then joined the stage to discuss "Batman: Night of the Monster Men."

"The first scene with Hugo [Strange] is he's completely naked," Orlando said. "Hugo is like Batman without the tragedy. He want to perfect his body and mind; he thinks he's the only sane person in Gotham... They perfectly contrast each other."

"It's always amazing reading Steve's script... like what I could accomplish in three issues, he gets in one," Tynion said. "We wanted to go with the biggest, funnest, craziest things we could give you guys, and I think we got it."

Asked if Batman will meet Midnighter, Orlando said, "I would do all those things in a second... As you saw 'Midnighter and Apollo,' there's a plan for these characters. If you raise your voice enough, anything is possible. Keep letting us know you want this."

"If you are a Tim Drake fan, you are going to be very excited," Tynion teased.

As to whether Spoiler and Orphan will join "Birds of Prey," Benson said, "We would love to add more characters to the Bird of Prey... If we can steal them from James!"

"These woman just happen to do a lot of punching," Benson said of "Birds of Prey." "It's important to make these woman sexy without being sexualized, to make sure they don't fall into things like cat-fighting... that's not who they are."

"They respect each other," Benson added. "I think that's how women usually react. We might disagree, but we totally respect that opinion."

"What I love about DC is that they're totally behind this. The opportunity to give them a voice is unreal... I think people are ready for this."

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Snyder & Capullo Finish Epic "Batman" Run With A Love Letter to Gotham !!!!



SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Batman" #51, on sale now.

The superstar creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo draw the curtain on their best-selling "Batman" run this week, but it has to be asked -- why stop at the 51st issue rather than #52, especially since it's the flagship title of DC Comics' historic New 52 initiative?

The dynamic duo not only shared the reason with CBR News, they also discussed the closing salvo of their opus, including what Gotham means to them both as creators now that they have completed a run largely considered the crown jewel of the publisher's massive 2011 relaunch.

They also revealed details about their next projects as Snyder is set to launch "All-Star Batman" with an all-star roster of artists as part of DC Comics' Rebirth, while Capullo is illustrating a new series for mega-writer Mark Millar.

Snyder also teased what's next for the Court of Owls, including the hope that when he returns to Gotham's secret society, Capullo will join him for the ride.

Batman #51 Cover
Snyder and Capullo bid "Batman" farewell with Issue #51


CBR News: I love James Tynion IV and Rafael Albuquerque's work, but something has been nagging at me since the solicitations for May 2016 dropped. Why aren't you finishing your run with the series' final issue, "Batman" #52?

Scott Snyder: [Laughs] We didn't know that there was going to be a Rebirth. And really, it boiled down to schedule. James and Rafael are going to kill it. I know that story up and down, I talked it through with James. He's, obviously, one of my closest friends, as is Rafael. Greg and I talked about the ending of our run a long time ago, and "Batman" #50 was going to be our extravaganza. Then we had one more coda issue before we even realized that DC was going to do Rebirth or any of this kind of stuff. It was long in the cards.

"Batman" #51 is beautifully done. You're right, it lacks the action of #50, but this is really a love letter to Gotham and your entire run. Let me ask you the question that you ask readers to answer, and finish this sentence: "Gotham is… "

Snyder: Gotham is them. It's them, as readers. That's what we were trying to say in the issue. As much as Gotham is this fictional place, it's powered by all of the people that love Batman and read "Batman" and love the mythos.

Growing up in New York, the funny thing that you realize is that the city is the city at the moment that you live in it with the people that you live in it with. And then you all move, or you die, it changes, and it's new stores and new people. You might come back to visit, or you might move out of your neighborhood, but it existed because you guys were together at that moment in that place.

And Gotham is us. It's me and Greg and that fanbase all at the same moment, feeling the same way about Batman. Trying new ideas, trying to make him modern, trying to make him be a hero for right now and face things that we are afraid of right now, as opposed to 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, or even 10 years from now. It's all of us, together.

Greg Capullo: For me, after five years of living in it, Gotham is home.

Batman #51 art by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki
Though they love Gotham, both creators agree -- the city deserves its reputation


We've talked a lot about the near-symbiotic relationship of Batman and the Joker in the past, but what abut Gotham. What's Batman without Gotham and vice versa?

Capullo: They are definitely linked. They're attached at the hip. I'd say that they are one and the same at this point. It's not to say that Gotham won't survive should Batman perish -- we tried to show in the last arc that it wouldn't be the case. Someone would rise up and be that symbol. But certainly, I would say that Batman is Gotham City, and Gotham is Batman. They are two lungs in one body.

Snyder: Gotham, to me, is this imagined landscape or All-American city that then gets a hero that faces off against the problems of its population. For us, the Red Hood Gang represented gun violence. Riddler was an über-terrorist. Gotham is the place where you get to go where a hero faces off against your biggest fears. Batman is essential to Gotham in that regard.


Source : CBR

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The official synopsis for the Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment film reads, "Bruce Wayne is missing. Alfred covers for him while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City in his stead. And a new player, Batwoman, investigates Batman's disappearance." The film also finds Dick Grayson in the role of Batman with Damian Wayne by his side as Robin. And in addition to Batwoman, the extended Bat-family will welcome Batwing into the fold.
"Batman: Bad Blood" stars Jason O’Mara (Batman), Sean Maher (Nightwing), Yvonne Strahovski (Batwoman), Stuart Allan (Damian Wayne/Robin), Morena Baccarin (Talia al Ghul), Gaius Charles (Luke Fox/Batwing) and Ernie Hudson (Lucius Fox). The film will debut digitally on January 19, 2016 and on DVD and Blu-ray on February 2.
Source : CBR
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LR Hot Rumor: Will Smith Might Just Join Ben Affleck's 'The Batman' Movie WOW !!!!


When Warner Bros first announced that "Man of Steel 2" was going to introduce Batman and pave the way for a Justice League two-part movie, the move looked like the fastest way to catch up with Marvel's strategy of moving in Phases.

Now, the idea of featuring superhero teams without stopping for individual origin films looks like a full-on strategy for how to make the most of the DC properties. Will Smith, who recently wrapped his part as Deadshot in David Ayer's "Suicide Squad," is psyched about being part of a massive superhero cinematic universe. Since he signed on for multiple appearances as Deadshot, the rumble behind the scenes is that he wants to be an ongoing part of Warner's and DC's plans. Right now as per my sources

IF things pan out Will Smith may join Ben Affleck in his solo Batman movie, which might not end up being so solo. If Deadshot joins the Bat in the movie, it will be for a "major role" for a "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" scenario. Nothing's locked down completely, but most of the involved parties seem enthusiastic. Getting Deadshot and Batman to join forces in a movie isn't nearly as hard as landing two A-list actors like Smith and Affleck in one movie (that Affleck will likely direct), and could be another Batman V Superman sized event instead of just another entry into the canon of Batman films. Batman and Deadshot teamed up in the comics as recently as this year's Batman: Arkham Knight comics (starting with issue 23). Read more at:


Source : Latino Review



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Batman V Superman" Batmobile & Batsuit Coming To "Arkham Knight"


"Batman: Arkham Knight," a blockbuster game that's already sold upwards of 5 million copies, has one final trick up its sleeve before its wave of "season pass" content finishes up; it's setting its sights on the Dark Knight's next big screen outing, 2016's "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

As reported over at Superhero Hype, Rocksteady Games has announced that the Batsuit worn by Ben Affleck as well as the new Batmobile will be released as downloadable content as part of the "Batman: Arkham Knight" season pass this November.

 You can check out the final months of "Arkham Knight's" content below.


Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Pack

Batmobile Track #1: Batcave Set

Batmobile Track #2: Penguin’s Dockyard

Classic TV Series Catwoman Skin

Classic TV Series Robin Skin

1970s Batman Themed Batmobile Skin

Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #3

AR Challenge: Chemical Reaction

AR Challenge: Stage Fright

AR Challenge: Cauldron Speedway TT

AR Challenge: Guardians

AR Challenge: Precinct

AR Challenge: Vertigo

Free Updates

Character Selection in AR Combat Challenges

Optional Hard difficulty in AR Combat and Batmobile Combat Challenges


2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile Pack

2016 Batman v Superman Batman Skin

2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile

Wayne Tech Pack

Track #1: Proving Ground

Track #2: Waynetech Loop

Arkham Episode: Catwoman’s Revenge

Includes 1 story mission and 2 AR challenge maps

Arkham Episode: A Flip of a Coin, starring Robin

Includes 1 story mission and 2 AR challenge maps

Arkham Episodes AR Challenge Update including maps from GCPD Lockdown

Robin and Batmobile Skins Pack

Robin Themed Batmobile Skin

Original Tim Drake Robin Skin

Riddler Themed Batmobile Skin

Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #4

AR Challenge: Clockwork

AR Challenge: Credit Crunch

AR Challenge: High Flyers

AR Challenge: Quarantine

AR Challenge: Wild Cat

AR Challenge: Divine Intervention

Free Update

Character Selection in AR Invisible Predator Challenges


Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion

Mission: Beneath The Surface (Killer Croc)

Mission: In From the Cold (Mister Freeze)

Mission: Wonderland (Mad Hatter)

Mission: Shadow War (Ra’s Al Ghul)

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Original Arkham Batmobile

Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #5

6 TBC AR Challenges


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Batman Begins, New CW Seasons Among October 2015 Netflix Additions !!!!

The Netflix October 2015 release list has hit the internet, and while the Epix contract comes to an end meaning many recent film releases of the last few years will disappear, there are plenty of additions to more than take the place of Hunger Games: Catching Fire and World War Z, two of those titles that are off the service.

Batman Begins is probably the biggest of the film additions of the month, coming right on October 1, 2015. Bourne Supremacy also joins the service the same day. Beasts of No Nation, a Netflix Original film from the director of True Detective Season 1 and starring Idris Elba hits on October 16, and LEGO DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered hits October 20.

In TV, The CW comes ready to play with The Flash Season 1, iZombie Season 1, Arrow Season 3, and Supernatural Season 10, amongst their other series from last year, coming on the 6th and 7th. Netflix Original Hemlock Grove has a third season release just in time for Halloween on October 23.

If you're in for a more bite-sized viewing, the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection hits October 25. That's all plenty to keep you going for the month of October, and well beyond.

The full list of October 2015 additions follows:

October 2, 2015:
•Anjelah Johnson: Not Fancy (2015) - NETFLIX ORIGINAL
•La Leyenda de la Nahuala (2007)
•Reign: Season 2
•The Vampire Diaries: Season 6

October 3, 2015:
•Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation (2015)

October 5, 2015:

Team Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Race (2015)

October 6, 2015:
•American Horror Story: Freak Show (Season 4)
•iZombie: Season 1
•Last Man Standing: Season 4
•The Flash: Season 1
•The Originals: Season 2
•Tremors 5: Bloodline (2015)

October 7, 2015:
•Arrow: Season 3
•Flor Salvaje: Season 1
•Legends: Season 1
•Supernatural: Season 10

October 8, 2015:
•American Heist (2014)
•Strangerland (2015)

October 9, 2015:
•Mighty Med: Season 2
•The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show: Season 1 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL
•Winter on Fire (2015) - NETFLIX ORIGINAL

October 10, 2015:
•Lalaloopsy: Band Together (2015)

October 11, 2015:
•Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me (2014)
•Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Season 3

October 12, 2015:
•Jane the Virgin: Season 1

October 14, 2015:
•Lazarus (2015)

October 15, 2015:
•Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery: Season 1
•Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno Live! (2015)
•The Five People You Meet in Heaven: Part 1 / Part 2 (2004)

October 16, 2015:
•All Hail King Julien: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL
•Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers (2015)- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
•Beasts of No Nation (2015) - NETFLIX ORIGINAL
•Circle (2015) - NETFLIX EXCLUSIVE
•Some Assembly Required: Season 2 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL
•The Principal: Season 1

October 18, 2015:
•Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013)

October 20, 2015:
•Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered (2014)
•Marvel's Avengers Assemble: Season 2

October 22, 2015:
•Results (2015)

October 23, 2015:
•Hemlock Grove: Season 3 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL

October 24, 2015:
•Jack Strong (2014)

October 25, 2015:
•Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection (2015)

October 27, 2015:
•August: Osage County (2013)
•Manson Family Vacation (2015) - NETFLIX EXCLUSIVE

October 28, 2015:
•Chasing Life: Season 2
•The Gunman (2015)

October 29, 2015:
•Return to Sender (2015)

October 30, 2015:
•Popples: Season 1 - NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Source :CBR
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Court of Owls Coming To Gotham !!!!! Check out Batman # 5


Gotham season two kicked off Monday night with a new, more serial nature and the much-hyped subtitle to the season, “Rise of the Villains.” That rise was shown right off in the first episode, SPOILERS AHEAD, with an Arkham breakout, new characters introduced, and a death designed to show folks who exactly is giving the orders around Gotham City nowadays. Meanwhile, Penguin is the king of the underworld, and even Nygma is seeing his dark side quite literally trying to break out of him. END OF SPOILERS

But those new villains in particular, the Galavan siblings, struck our interest. When the first image of Theo Galavan and the man who turned out to just be a bit of a loon in a costume cropped up, it made us start thinking about the Court of Owls. Coupled with the fact that Jessica Lucas and James Frain told me during a set visit that they were on “a mission of revenge” and had “a long family history in Gotham City,” it seemed like this relatively new part of the DC Universe might be getting a live screen adaptation sooner than later.

During a phone conversation with executive producer and showrunner Bruno Heller, he candidly talked about fan theories, telling, “everyone’s opinion has been valid and has to be listened to,” expounding on the fact that the characters and concepts they’re playing with are “about the interplay between what we’re doing and what the audience would like to see and how they react.”

In that vein, I asked, well, what about the theory that the Galavan siblings’ long history in Gotham means the Court of Owls is coming, or is that at least something he’s interested in exploring?

“Yeah, absolutely, [I'm interested]. I won’t say that it’s part of – I don’t even want to say that, because I don’t want to spoil part of the story,” Heller said after a bit of a chuckle. He continued, “The Court of Owls is deep, deep, deep Gotham mythology. The comic book fans know about it, but I would suspect the larger audience is not so familiar. We sometimes have to make a distinction between the ‘Nolan-era Batman movie fans’ and the comic book fans. It’s not that they’re two separate audiences, just that there are two levels of engagement. Court of Owls is very much deep DC mythology.

“We are absolutely going to explore that world down the line. Looking at the longevity of the show, we have to hold some cards back, we can’t just throw all of the elements, all of the story at once,” he explained - he even noted earlier during the conversation that he felt they made a mistake trying to throw too much into season one. Heller didn’t mince words, though, and did say definitively, “The long arc of the show is Bruce Wayne’s journey of discovery down into the depths of the physical and meta-physical world of Gotham. The Court of Owls is a brilliant conceit that will absolutely be part of our storytelling. I just won’t tell you when.”

The Court of Owls debuted in the “New 52” era of DC Comics that saw every issue relaunched in a new, modern version of their universe. In the Batman comic book by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, they revealed that Gotham City has had a secret society behind it for generations known as the Court of Owls. Populated by some of Gotham’s oldest families, the Court uses their assassins known as Talons (think slightly less-trained and more-psychotic versions of Batman) to alter the course of the city’s history.

Will the Galavans be the entry into the Court, with their century-old grudge against the city and its families? Perhaps, but one way or another, Gotham fans, the Court of Owls is “absolutely” on its way.

Stay tuned to for much more from Bruno Heller on Gotham season two, lessons learned, and what's to come, soon.

Source : CBR

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Batman Day Returns on September 26 !!!!!



After a highly successful dedicated day to the Dark Knight last year -- celebrating the character's 75th anniversary -- DC Comics' is bringing back Batman Day on September 26 for another cross-country event filled with exclusive comics, retailer giveaways and comic book creator signing.

Fans that swing by their local comic book shop, library or bookstore will received a free copy of "Batman Endgame: Special Edition" #1, which includes an 8-page preview of the upcoming "Batman and Robin Eternal." But what's a comic without a variant these days? Not only will select comic retailers carry a variant edition of the title but also some unlikely sources both physical and digital, including Best Buy, Hot Topic, ComiXology, Google Play and more.

The day also coincides with Baltimore Comic-Con where creators Scott Snyder, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Peter Tomasi and more will be signing. However, along with these creator signings at the show, other creators will be signing across the U.S. and in Toronto, ON, at various outlets, including Jim Lee in Los Angeles, Greg Capullo in Guilderland, NY, Tim Seeley in Chicago and more.

Retailers will also have their own special celebratory events and giveaways and contests going on. Visit your local comic shop for specific retailer details and check out the Official DC Comics Batman Day website for more details.

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INTERVIEW: Scott Snyder & Jock Return to "Batman" for Mr. Bloom's Origin Story !!!!!



Years before "Wytches" was a major creator-owned success at Image Comics, writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock teamed on "The Black Mirror." Taking place Dick Grayson's tenure as Batman in the waning days of the pre-New 52 DC Universe, the story was a hit, helping to bolster the profiles of both Snyder and Jock.

And Snyder hasn't strayed from Batman since, becoming the writer of the ongoing "Batman" series for 44 issues and counting. Jock has made only occasional trips back to Gotham City, including Joker-centric back-up stories during "Death of the Family." With DC Comics' "Batman" #44, on sale this week, they re-team on the Dark Knight for one month only (regular series artist Greg Capullo returns with #45) with an extra-sized interlude to the current "Superheavy" story, one that looks at the origin of newly introduced villain Mr. Bloom. It's a different type of origin story than readers might expect -- looking more at the societal circumstances facilitating Mr. Bloom's existence rather than the nuts and bolts of how he came to be.

CBR News spoke with Snyder and Jock about what motivated them to make time in the midst of working on the second arc of "Wytches" to collaborate again on Batman, the intimidation factor in introducing new Bat-villains and the contributions of Brian Azzarello, who co-wrote the issue with Snyder (and is co-writing the upcoming "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" with Frank Miller).

CBR News: Scott, Jock, obviously for the two of you together right now, the main focus is "Wytches" at Image. What motivated taking time out from that schedule to work together on this special issue of "Batman"? 

Scott Snyder: I knew I was going to do this issue, or an issue like this, as a sort of middle keystone of "Superheavy." The moment I had the basic idea, I called Jock. I remember -- I was in my folks' cabin in Pennsylvania and called him up: "I think I want to do this issue as a kind of tangential origin of Mr. Bloom, but less about his evil story of how he became who he is, and more about the terrible potential he has as a villain, and the first time we encounter him." I told Jock what the issue was about, and all the crazy stuff I wanted to try with it, and he was up for it. He was the only person I asked -- I knew he was going to be terrific if he could do it. His style is perfect for it, and the artistry he and Lee Loughridge brought to it, with the changing colors in the issue; I just couldn't be prouder of the work that they did. It was never, "Hey, maybe we'll work this person or this person or this person for this particular issue." It was, if he can do it, let's do it.

Jock: For me, Albert, in your question you gave my answer when you said it was "a special issue." The minute Scott started telling me about not only the crux of the story, but the undertones and what it references and what kind of metaphors for the way things are right now, it did feel like it had the potential to be a special issue.

I'll draw anything Scott writes, basically. I love working with him. But it felt like a special script.

The first time the two of you worked together was the Batman story "The Black Mirror," in "Detective Comics" starting in 2010. What was it like for the two of you to be working again in this world? Of course, Scott never left that world, but was it a fairly natural transition back to Batman for the two of you as a unit?

Jock: It was a no-brainer for me. I love drawing Batman anyway. "Black Mirror" was a real nice surprise in a lot of ways for both of us. We took it on as the run of "Detective" was coming to an end, just before The New 52 was starting up. But it seemed to have done really well with readers, and people seemed to really respond to it. Which is amazing. Ever since, if I ever go to a convention, it's always Batman I get asked to draw. So when I started talking to Scott about doing this issue, it was the easiest thing in the world, really -- not only just to say yes, but to be working on the character again.

Scott's barely written him since "Black Mirror," as you know. [Laughs] He's probably sick of the guy. I know how much Scott loves the character, and how well he writes the character, so for me, it was like coming a home a little bit -- because it was our first big story together, and it just felt great to work together on this issue. 

Snyder: When you work with somebody who you become close with as a collaborator and a friend, for me, it lets me take more risks. I feel like I can talk to Jock openly, and there are elements of the issue that I played around with -- there was one point where we weren't sure the text [pieces that appear throughout the issue] would work, there was another point where I thought I might do the entire issue in narration; not have any dialogue, and have it be like the voice of Gotham. That just became smothering.

Working with a friend, and someone who inspires you and is a great collaborative partner -- you're comfortable, but you're comfortable to go out of your comfort zone, which is the best thing. It makes you comfortable enough to take risks, and be daring in a way that you might not with somebody you don't know as well. For me, that was just key for an issue like this.

Given what you just said, I'm interested in to hear from both of you of what you saw as the creative opportunity provided by this story. It's clear you both found a need to move things in a different direction -- how much fun did you have pushing the limits of what readers might expect from a "Batman" issue?

Jock: That's what was really, really interesting for me -- the fact that it was the main "Batman" title, and yet here was Scott writing a very poignant, hopefully really touching story about some of the issues that our society can face; using Batman and his early approach as the catalyst to hopefully say a little bit more about some of the things that people struggle with. It's been a real opportunity. I want to thank DC as well, for letting us do this, and letting us do this in the way that we wanted to do it.


Snyder: Me too. For me, the reason I was excited to do this issue was also as a kind of swerve from the way that the main arc seems to be going -- the main arc is meant to feel like robots, and stretchy-men villains, and over-the-top action with robo-cycles and energy men. But if you look at the arc and what it's about for Gordon, this is what it's about. This is the Trojan Horse in the heart of it. It's not about police brutality, or the stratification of wealth in a city, or about political corruption -- it's about all of those things. It's about, "Why does Batman matter to us today?" in places around the country, where he means nothing to the problems that we face in a systemic way. Yes, he catches bad guys -- does Batman actually mean anything?

Gordon, even though he's a fictional character in a fictional city facing crazy fictional villains, he's wrestling with that question. What does [Batman] really mean? Not to go too far into the future with the arc, but one of the things I'm proudest of that I'm working on already is something he says at the end of the arc to the city, when he's talking about Batman, and he talks about how Batman is almost a collective figment of their imagination. If they believe him in a certain way, maybe he'll come back. But ultimately, what he means is, he's not the one to solve their problems. Superheroes exist to inspire us to be heroes in the real world, and these problems are ours to deal with.

Mr. Bloom, for me, is sort of deeply built around this idea of, he's a weed that grows in the cracks that form between communities, between neighborhoods, between classes, between races, between all of it. He takes advantage of that, and grows, and says, "Come to the end of this dark alley, I'm always there, I'm always waiting, and take what I have to give, because it will make you powerful, You can have what you want. Forget about the communal aspect of living in a shared space like Gotham. It's all a crock. Take what you want. It works for me. It'll work for you." For me, that's what this issue is trying to address.

It feels that some of the themes you've explored in "Batman" for a while are coming more to the surface. This issue in particular feels more socially conscious, for lack of a better term. Does that feel right to you -- that these themes are explored in a pronounced way with this story? 

Snyder: Yeah, because Jim Gordon, to me, is the closest thing to a real-world caveat standing next to Batman. Basically what he's always believed in is that, as a policeman, as a civil servant, as somebody who's part of a system that's put in place to protect and make a city better and safer, he has faith in those kinds of things to work. That's who he is. He's sort of the real-world corollary to Batman in Gotham. Superheroes are above him. So if he becomes Batman, then the question really has to be -- now that he's trying to be Batman in a way that represents all of those things he believes in, the police and local government and business and all of the things that kind of have to work for a city to believe in itself in some ways -- you're going to have a villain that does the opposite. That comes in and says, "None of it works, it's all a crock of shit. You're all selfish, none of you really care about each other, let's just admit it."

It's not so much about wanting to be contemporary or trying to tap into things, it's really a bigger question in the story of looking at Batman from a different angle. As Jim becomes this Batman, those things have to be part of the story, because that's who he is. He cares about these things. All of them are going to be put onto the gameboard in a big way.

Scott, this is another example of you co-creating a new villain for Batman -- which you and Greg did before, famously, with the Court of Owls. Knowing how famous Batman is for his villains, and what a big part of the mythos that has always been, is it daunting at all at this point to add to the tapestry with a new villain?

Snyder: Oh yeah. Nothing about writing Batman isn't ever daunting. Creating a new villain, creating a new Batmobile -- any of it is like, "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm doing this." The only way you can do it is to pretend that the series is a creator-owned series, and to focus on the things that you're trying to write in your own version of Batman. For me, Mr. Bloom is a character that's been in the back of my mind a lot. He's sort of a boogeyman -- but not like the Joker. To me, the Joker is this kind of guy who says, "Life is meaningless, I'm laughing at all of you."

Mr. Bloom, he's very much kind of a flower -- he's the kind of thing that says, "Come closer, I have something good for you. Come down this alley." And I'm trying to play with imagery like "Jack and the Beanstalk," "The Three Little Pigs;" a lot of children's rhymes and things like that. It's almost competing fairy tales. Gotham is this wonderful place where we're all going to be great, or his kind of thing, which is, "Gotham is this completely nightmarish place, so come take your magic seeds from me, because that's what will fix it." 

He's really a figure I love. I love writing him, and I love the specificality that Greg [Capullo] has brought to him, too; just with his fingers -- next issue, in #45, he sneaks in somewhere really bad and does something really bad. The thing I love about him, even when he walks into a room, he doesn't even realize he's killing people, because his fingers almost shoot out without him noticing, and just sort of spear people as he walks by. He's very fun to write in a twisted way, and I love him as a villain.

Also in "Batman" #44, Brian Azzarello has a co-writer credit -- how did he come to contribute to the issue?

Snyder: Brian and I have become really close over the last year, because he's been coming to New York a lot, working on the "Dark Knight" stuff, so I've talked to him about that. Initially, I thought I might try and be involved in it, but really the work that he's done with Frank -- he goes to that studio and they work so well together, intimately together, I felt like I might be more of an interloper, trying to get in there. They go back as friends, also. I felt like they had some real magic going between them, and I didn't want to get in the way of that -- and I'm so proud of what they've been able to do from afar, and I'm sure it's going to really wow everybody.

I still always wanted to work with Brian, especially over the last year where we've become good friends. I knew that he would bring a rawness and an authenticity. He's very concerned with, and writes about a lot of these same issues that are in this issue, pertaining to his hometown of Chicago. I just really felt he'd be a great addition, and he certainly was -- there's a lot in the issue that he brought to it. He sharpened scenes, he re-did dialogue, he made it so much better for his involvement, so I'm very grateful to him.

Jock: For me as well. I think me and Brian first talked about working together just after "The Losers" finished. Like Scott says, his dialogue is so sharp, and his approach to that street-level mentality is so spot-on. He's a real asset to the issue.

"Batman" #44 is on sale Wednesday, Sept. 9.


Source : CBR

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