SDCC: Original Nova Returns in New Ongoing Series !!!

SDCC: Original Nova Returns in New Ongoing Series !!!



Richard Rider, the original Nova, is returning to Marvel Comics in a new "Nova" ongoing series where he'll appear alongside his successor, Sam Alexander. Marvel made the announcement as part of Comic-Con International: San Diego at the private Retailer Presentation.


Marvel previously released the following teaser image, signalling the return of Rider and his classic helmet.

Rider has been absent from Marvel's titles since his fatal battle with the Mad Titan, Thanos. Rider was replaced by Alexander, who went on to be a fan-favorite character in his own right as a member of the "All-New All-Different Avengers," and the upcoming teenage super-team, "The Champions." Before Alexander's run as Nova, Rider starred in his own title for years, in addition to appearing in "New Warriors."


Source : CBR

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