Negan's Got a Gun In New "Walking Dead" Photo !!!!!

Negan's Got a Gun In New "Walking Dead" Photo !!!!!


In Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's "The Walking Dead" and its wildly successful AMC adaptation, Negan's unquestionable weapon of choice is Lucille, his trusty baseball bat that he keeps wrapped in barbed wire. He has it when we first meet him, and as fans of the show will soon learn, he rarely puts it down.


Sometimes though, a heavier-duty weapon is required, as exhibited in the latest photo to be released by AMC for the series' upcoming seventh season. In it, Negan -- stationed at a window -- appears to have just fired a fully automatic weapon at an unseen attacker (probably someone from Alexandria, or maybe even The Kingdom). And while he may have given Lucille a little break, he does have his other trademark with him -- namely, his ever-present shit-eating grin.

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Not much more is revealed by the photo beyond those details, but it could be hinting at the inevitable "All Out War" storyline making its way form the comics to television. The bottom line is, Negan's got a gun (and a bat), and Rick and company should be very afraid.


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