Jupiter’s Legacy Cast Set For Netflix's Millarworld Superhero TV Show

Jupiter’s Legacy Cast Set For Netflix's Millarworld Superhero TV Show



The cast has officially been set for Netflix’s Millarworld TV show, Jupiter’s Legacy. Based on the Image comic created by Mark Millar and Frank Quietly in 2013, the show will be the first of several adaptations of Millar’s catalog currently in the works at the streaming service.

Millar has become one of the most recognizable names in comics. He has done important work for Marvel, such as The Ultimates, along with penning several storylines that have since been loosely adapted into major motion pictures, including Captain America: Civil War and Logan. Millar has been responsible for groundbreaking work at DC as well, with The Authority and Superman: Red Son. However, it is with Millar’s creator-owned properties that he has truly carved a name for himself. These include Kick-Ass, Wanted and Kingsmen(formerly titled The Secret Service). He has been launching titles under his own imprint, Millarworld, since 2004. Aside from publishing indie comics, Millarworld also split the ownership of the titles 50/50 between artist and writer. Netflix acquired the company in 2017, announcing plans to adapt Millar’s previously published work, as well as developing properties based on stories that he will create exclusively for the streaming service. It was previously announced that Netflix is already developing three Millarworld movies and two TV shows.

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