Avengers: Infinity War Battles Its Way to Biggest Box Office Opening of All Time.


Avengers: Infinity War

Opened in theaters last week, as the culmination of 10 incredible years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After watching these films introduce us to countless Marvel heroes, the ultimate destiny has finally arrived, decimating box office records in one unbelievable opening weekend.

Domestically, the Avengers battled their way to over $250 million at the box office and $380 million internationally, meaing the film collected nearly $640 million globally.  This record-breaking debut secures Marvel the honor of the biggest global and domestic movie openings of all time.
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige even thanked fans on behalf of everyone who has worked tirelessly to bring these heroes to life on the big screen.  Sideshow wishes congratulations to our friends at Marvel for this incredible achievement that will go down in cinematic history!

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