'The Walking Dead' Finds Its Perfect Negan In Jeffrey Dean Morgan !!!!

'The Walking Dead' Finds Its Perfect Negan In Jeffrey Dean Morgan !!!!




With the release of Fallout 4 yesterday, my head was a bit scrambled so I missed this enormous piece of news from the world’s other biggest post-apocalyptic franchise, The Walking Dead. Far and away the character most TWD comic fans have been waiting to see cast is the villainous Negan, and AMC has finally found their man in veteran actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

For those who wish to know nothing at all about Negan’s character or storyline at all, turn back now, but no crazy spoilers follow.

In the comic, Negan is a villain so brutal, he makes The Governor look about as threatening as Eugene. He’s the leader of the Saviors, an absolutely massive gang that has essentially a protection/raiding racket running through all the major colonies in the area (Alexandria isn’t the only one).

He’s responsible for arguably the most horrifying major character death of the entire series, but I won’t describe that here. Suffice to say he’s someone to be feared, and his appearance will mean The Walking Dead is heading into its darkest era yet.

Needless to say, casting the part was really, really important to get right. Negan is physically foreboding, weirdly charming and a total psychopath. A few actors have had their names passed around for the part, the most popular of which were Henry Rollins (who really does look the part to a tee) and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm (who expressed he’d be open to the idea).

Instead, we have Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has starred in everything from Supernatural to The Good Wife to his most Negan-ish role, The Comedian, in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie (just don’t mix him up with his Hollywood doppelganger, Javier Bardem).


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