Batman # 41


NOTE: This interview with Scott Snyder took place in advance of DC’s release of solicitation for June’s Batman #41. That solicit reads, in whole: “The all-new Batman makes his debut! Who is he, and what happens next? Find out here as a new era begins in Gotham City!”

Solicitation art, seen here, seems to show an armored or perhaps robotic Batman. Click on the thumb for a full-size version or click here for a super-sized version.

Writer Scott Snyder is deep into his fifth year of living with Batman, having started with a run on Detective Comics in early 2011, and making the jump to the Batman title with the launch of DC’s “New 52” later that year. For most of his stint on the title, Batman has been DC’s top-seller, and Snyder has garnered critical acclaim.

Source : Newsarama

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