Azrael Debuts In Action-Filled New "Gotham" Promo !!!!!

Azrael Debuts In Action-Filled New "Gotham" Promo  !!!!!

Since its opening episodes of Season 2 when the Order of St. Dumas was first teased, the expectation for this year's "Gotham" has been a live action debut for the avenging angel Azrael. The mad, sword-swining character was first created by Denny O'Neil and Joe Quesada in the '90s and has at odd times occupied a special place in the Batman canon ever since.

With a brand new promo for next week's aptly titled "Azrael" episode, the Fox drama shows off the fully armored angel in action. Though beware if you're not caught up with the series to this point, because the trailer definitely spoils the identity of the show's take on the character:


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