Was Bill Clinton Impeached?

Was Bill Clinton Impeached?

Was Bill Clinton Impeached?

Bill Clinton was indeed impeached by the House of Representatives, but the senate did not come to the necessary 2/3 majority agreement to fully process it, so he was acquitted.
Initially, four impeachment articles were brought against president Clinton: two perjury charges, one charge of abuse of power and one of obstruction of justice. Only the one perjury impeachment article and that of obstruction of justice passed, and he had to stand trial in front of the Senate on these two charges. This made him only the second U.S. president after Andrew Johnson (in 1868) to be impeached.

The Votes

With television cameras rolling, on February 12, 1999 the whole world watched as the senators stood up to vote inside the chamber. 55 Senators voted “not guilty” on the charge of perjury. The Senate split 50/50 against Clinton when it came to the charge of obstruction of justice. This meant that the 2/3 majority was not achieved, the President was acquitted and allowed to serve out the rest of his term of office up until January 2001.

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