Jennifer Lawrence Becomes A ‘Red Sparrow’: 20th Century Fox Unveils Intense Spy Trailer At CinemaCon...




20th Century Fox dropped a trailer for Red Sparrowthe movie that reteams Jennifer Lawrence with her Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence. Deadline broke the story about this pic, based on Jason Matthews’ novel about a Russian ballerina-turned-spy seductress, or Red Sparrow. Her target? A CIA guy played by Joel Edgerton.

Rich in gold, red and fall tones, we see Lawrence’s Dominika Egorova weathering a severe leg injury onstage. She recovers and is given the chance in a lush hotel bar “to become special again” by a Russian intel officer. Charlotte Rampling’s voice-over carries the rest of the trailer as we see shots of the snow, and the French-designed estates of Russia.

“You will be schooled in psychological manipulation. Every human is a puzzle of need. You will be trained to determine target’s weakness and exploit that weakness through seduction. From this moment forward you will become sparrows, weapons of Russia.”

Then Rampling tells Lawrence’s protag, “If you can’t be of service to the state, I’m to put a bullet through your head.” The movie can’t get here soon enough. The last part of the title card flashes “Now in production.”


Source : Deadline Hollywood


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