Deathstroke Solo movie coming soon....

Deathstroke Solo movie  coming soon....


DEATHSTROKE Movie Starring Joe Manganiello Reportedly In The Works From THE RAID Director Gareth Evans

Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke may have been dropped from The Batman but there is some good news for the character today as Warner Bros. is reportedly moving forward with a solo outing for the anti-hero.

Last year, Ben Affleck shared a cryptic Tweet featuring Joe Manganiello suited up as Deathstroke and it took no time at all for us to learn that the character was set to take centre stage in The Batman. Since then, big changes have been made and Affleck has been replaced as the movie's director by Matt Reeves. He's ditched Affleck and Johns' script to work on a new one unlikely to include Slade Wilson.

Despite all of that drama, we have some good news for both Manganiello and fans of the anti-hero as it's been revealed today that The Raid helmer Gareth Evans is in talks to write and direct a Deathstroke movie which will star the Magic Mike actor. Evans passed on directing Justice League Dark but his Deathstroke pitch actually impressed DC Entertainment executives enough to get this the green light.

Both The Raid and it's sequel featured jaw-dropping fight scenes which will fit in well in a movie like this. How it will fit into the wider DC Films Universe remains to be seen, especially as the studio is now developing standalone features too. Regardless, it's good to hear the character is getting his due and that Manganiello will be given the opportunity to play the character he was cast all those months ago. 

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