EXCLUSIVE: Disney Infinity 3.0 Expands "The Force Awakens" with New Playset Planet !!!

EXCLUSIVE: Disney Infinity 3.0 Expands "The Force Awakens" with New Playset Planet !!!


Today, CBR News has the exclusive first look at a new planet you'll get to explore in Disney Infinity 3.0's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" playset (and thus see in the movie): Takodana. Like previous "Star Wars" playsets, Takodana will let you enjoy the adventure of the new movie with some cartoony hack & slash action. Along with an exclusive shot from the game, we also have a previously unseen piece of concept art offering a bit of insight into how the game's developers create its settings.

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According to the playset's official description, "Takodana is a forest planet. It's home to a band of smugglers and traders. The players quickly discover a great way to get what they need is to help the locals solve their unique problems not all of which are on the up and up."

Not surprisingly, the "Force Awakens" playset is not the only place where you can explore Takodana. The planet also appears in the mobile strategy game "Star Wars: Commander," though that game is actually set between the events of "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back," and not during the time of "The Force Awakens." It's also the setting for Landry Q. Walker's ebook story "The Face of Evil," which will be included in the upcoming anthology "Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away," which will be published on April 5, 2016. Though we wouldn't be surprised if it was also one of the battlefields added to the "Star Wars: Battlefront" next year.

The "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" playset for "Disney Infinity 3.0" arrives today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, WiiU, iOS, Android, and Apple TV....


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