New 52 Superman Meets Pre-Flashpoint Superman In March

New 52 Superman Meets Pre-Flashpoint Superman In March
With the release of DC Comics' latest solicitations, we now have an idea of what's in store for the publisher come March 2016 beyond the previously announced "Batman v Superman" variant cover program.

"Superman, "Batman," "Wonder Woman" & More Hit #50, "Suiciders" Returns in DC's March 2016 Solicits

For one thing, most of the titles that were part of the initial "New 52" launch are celebrating milestone 50th issues, bringing with them plenty of major revelations. As always, CBR has sorted through the long list of upcoming individual issues, collected editions and merchandise to highlight the most pressing information.
The New 52 original titles turn 50! Each of the original launch titles still running in March celebrate their 50th issues with extra-sized, 48-page offerings.

The pre-Flashpoint Superman meets his (fully repowered) New 52 counterpart in "Superman" #50. This version of Superman is a holdover from the recent "Convergence" event and currently co-stars in the "Superman: Lois & Clark" series.

Following its January debut on the CW, DC will launch a new "Legends of Tomorrow" anthology series in March, using the TV show title and comprised of previously announced stories starring Firestorm, Metamorpho, Metal Men and Sugar and Spike.

The pre-Flashpoint DCU is present in "Green Lantern" #50 as well, with Parallax facing off with the New 52's Hal Jordan.

Parallax also features in Tom King's "Convergence" spin-off "Telos," which wraps up its run in March with issue #6.

"Batman" #50 will see the return of Bruce Wayne to the cape and cowl as he teams up with Jim Gordon to fight Mr. Bloom. The extra-sized issue will also conclude Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Superheavy" arc.

"Aquaman" #50 expands its cast with the introduction of Aquawoman. A character called Aquawoman currently exists on Earth-2, but the solicitation text implies that this may be a totally new character.

"Martian Manhunter" #10 will feature the titular hero's new "definitive origin story," as told by writer Rob Williams and artist Eddy Barrows.

After staving off cancellation a few months back thanks to overwhelming fan support across social media, "The Omega Men" enters the "epic final act" of its run with issue #10.

Cassie will learn the truth about her origin in "Teen Titans" #18, a story titled "Who Is Wonder Girl?"

The weekly series "Batman & Robin: Eternal" concludes with issues #22-26, which all ship in March. The final arc will see Mother's trap set in motion and Dick Grayson trying to lead "his allies" against "an entire army of foes."

Lee Bermejo and incoming artist Alessandro Vitti bring the Suiciders back for more with "Suiciders: Kings of Hell.A." #1.

Spoiler and Harper Row/Bluebird look to be joining the cast of "Batgirl," judging by the the cover art and solicitation copy tease.

DC's latest variant month features polybagged "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"-themed offerings. While the covers themselves remain under wraps, and will likely follow in the footsteps of this month's Harley Quinn variant offerings with random original sketch covers inserted, the bags' branded "BvS" art has been revealed.

Grant Morrison and Mark Millar's short but fondly remembered run on "The Flash" is collected in March.
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