"Teen Titans" Movie Rumored; Possible "Green Lantern Corps" !!!

"Teen Titans" Movie Rumored; Possible "Green Lantern Corps"  !!!

The Teen Titans may crash Cyborg's solo debut.

Rumors are running rampant about the future of Warner Bros.' DC Comics movies, as a new report posits that the "Cyborg" movie may be scrapped in favor of a "Teen Titans" flick.

According to JoBlo -- who also reported news of the possible villain in James Wan's "Aquaman" movie -- the 2020 "Cyborg" movie, which is set to star Ray Fisher as the title character, is "under consideration" to be retooled as a full-on "Teen Titans" movie. If the rumor turns out to be true, that would mean Warners is developing a "Teen Titans" film while they've already got a TV pilot in the works at TNT.

Additionally, the report notes that 2020's "Green Lantern Corps" movie is shaping up to be a buddy-cop-style action movie, like "Lethal Weapon," wherein Hal Jordan and John Stewart, -- the film's leading 'Lanterns -- would be the Riggs and Murtaugh of the story.

The report also mentions that the studio plans to make diversity a priority in its films, noting: "There is also discussion about including a gay superhero in the DCEU ranks, although according to my sources it's not something set in stone, but definitely under serious consideration for at least one major character."

"Cyborg" is tentatively slated for an April 3, 2020 release, while "Green Lantern Corps" is set to hit screens on June 19, 2020.


Source : CBR

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