Everybody wants to be Harley Quinn for Halloween, apparently !!!!



You don’t think you’re going to be the only Harley Quinn at the Halloween party, do you? Chances are, there will be more Harleys than you can shake a comically oversized hammer at.

In fact, according to Google’s Frightgeist, the DC Comics antiheroine is the top-trending Halloween costume in the country this year, followed by Star Wars, the generic “superhero,” pirate and Batman.

The interactive Frightgeist pulls data from Google Trends to determine the most popular costume searches, both nationally and locally.

While the site warns that, “You have a frighteningly high chance of seeing another Harley Quinn costume at a party this year,” in some areas the odds are apparently higher than others. For instance, Lima, Ohio, seems to be a hotbed for Harley Quinn searches, so you may want to dress accordingly.

Meanwhile, Poison Ivy is tops in Eureka, California, and The Joker is big in Tucson, Arizona — although he ranks at No. 9 nationally, between the minions and Wonder Woman....


Source : CBR

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