Mark Millar Will Go Anywhere In The World For "Jupiter's Circle" !!!!


Mark Millar is no stranger to flashy publicity stunts, but for all the hype the writer is known to stir up around his Millarworld comics, at least he can say this: he'll put up his own money if you will.

For the second time, the writer is running a contest with retailers by promising to send himself to any store in the world that orders the most copies of his incoming "Jupiter's Circle" trade paperback.

“The last time I auctioned myself off for a book launch was the best signing I’ve ever done. It was in Manila for Supercrooks and we had over 1000 lovely people show up and blocked off a shopping mall," Millar said in a statement. "I’m really into the idea of going somewhere equally unexpected this time and will be paying all my own flights and expenses so you might as well make it as expensive as possible for me."

And to make things clear, he's not requiring that single stores have to necessarily pony up as much cash as bigger chains -- just that whoever fills the biggest order gets to tell him where to go. "I’ll have one day in whatever country I end up in so smaller stores could maybe even pull a fast one and arrange 3 signings in a single day, clubbing together and doing one order. I’m happy for retailers to get as creative as they like with this one," Millar said.

Created with artists Wilfredo Torres and Davide Gianfelice and set in the universe of Millar and Frank Quitely's "Jupiter's Legacy," the first collection of Image Comics "Jupiter's Circle" arrives in stores on October 7. The FOC date for the trade is September 14.

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