Kirkman & Cinemax's "Outcast" Casts Six, Including Brent Spiner !!!


Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta are on the verge of seeing their Image Comics series "Outcast" become the writer's next big TV project. And in a whirlwing casting announcement, Cinemax has added six new players who themselves are outcasts from TV's past.

Joining previously announced stars Patrick Fugit as haunted investigator Kyle Barnes, Philip Glenister and Gabriel Bateman will be a bevy of co-stars from network dramas, as TV Line announced:

  • "The Office" star David Denman joins as Mark Holter, the husband of Kyle’s sister Megan.



  • NCIS alum Melinda McGraw plays Patricia MacCready, a "single mother and devout member of Rome’s Light of God Baptist Church and a regular at Reverend Anderson’s church teas."



  • Lee Tergesen from "The Americans" takes on the part of "Blake Morrow, a former police officer on death row for murdering his partner’s wife."



  • Grace Zabriskie of "Big Love" will be Mildred, "one of the old guard of parishioners at Anderson’s church. Full of spit and vinegar, Mildred lives alone and says what’s on her mind."



  • Catherine Dent from "The Shield" takes the part of Janet Anderson, "the ex-wife of Reverend Anderson. Their marriage was shattered by Anderson’s obsession with battling the forces of darkness, but she still can’t help but feel affection and sympathy for the man she once loved, the father of the her child."



  • And "Star Trek: The Next Generation's" Data, Brent Spiner, will play Sidney, who "appears in Rome soon after Kyle and Reverend Anderson successfully exorcise little Joshua Austin, his dapper appearance and smiling demeanor hide a malevolence."


"Outcast" will debut next year on the premium cable channel.


Source : CBR

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