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Marvel Addresses "Hercules'" Sexuality

In last week's installment of AXEL-IN-CHARGE, Alonso stated that the Hercules of the mainstream Marvel Universe is straight, disappointing fans who believed the character to be bisexual, mainly due to a scene hinting at such in 2010's "Hercules: Fall of an Avenger" #1 and an alternate universe version of the character that appeared in "X-Treme X-Men." The statement resulted in a loud response from some fans and observers, with critics accusing Marvel of dropping the ball at an opportunity for further diversity. Alonso responds to the criticism, stating that "Marvel has absolutely no issue with LGBT characters," and that Hercules wasn't on the creative team's radar as a bisexual character as the series was being put together. Alonso also talks the new "Black Knight," the upcoming "Invincible Iron Man," Marvel's remastered versions of Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's "Miracleman" and more, including answers to your questions direct from the CBR Community.


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