The Dark Knight Returns Used As Major Plot Point In Girl Meets World Episode On Disney Channel !!!



In July, The Disney Channel series Girl Meets World aired an episode about the use of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel in a high school classroom.

As io9 reports, the episode is titled “Girl Meets the New Teacher.” Said new teacher is Harper Burgess, who uses Miller’s 1986 Batman story as part of her lesson plan, right alongside Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. The dark and violent graphic novel is challenged by the school’s principle, in a showdown apparently meant to mirror the confrontation between Batman and Superman in TKDR.

The episode is likely meant as a follow-up to the “Back 2 School” episode of predecessor Boy Meets World, the plot of which had a new teacher using X-Men comics as part of his lesson plan. Still, it’s a little odd to see a Disney Channel show using a DC Comics classic, especially one that is the basis for Batman v. Superman, as a major plot point when Marvel’s Civil War probably could have been used to the same effect. 


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