Star Wars # 1 6th print was issue with a Mis-Printed.OMG !!! Copies are selling Fast ....



There are a couple of things going for Star Wars #1 6th print. One, it is the 6th printing, which means many stores didn’t order thema s they are still sitting on first-fifth prints. Second. Marvel not only put the 6th print recolored cover on them, they also attached the first print cover over it!

No word on a recall, but with a small print run, and an error, this is a desirable book. Copies have sold up to $20 already.

TFAW has the following warning on their listing for the books:

Please Note: The 6th Printing of this issue was mis-printed to have the cover of the 1st printing copies, with the correct cover located underneath the cover page. Marvel will not be re-issuing a corrected version.

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