King & Walta To Launch "The Vision" Ongoing This October



A longtime Avenger, the Vision has had a complicated history and possibly an even more complicated family life. Now, thanks to writer Tom King and artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta, the Vision will get a fresh start in his own ongoing solo this October as he builds himself a family and moves into the suburbs in "The Vision" #1.

In an interview with Newsarama, King revealed that his Vision will be "back to basics." He shared, "With this series we’re going to strip all that noise away and return to the simple, sweet, and amazingly compelling set up Roy Thomas first gave the character: a robot built to be a weapon who wants to be a human, who wants to be a hero. He's the powerful stranger who for some flattering reason wants to be like us. Vision is Data. Vision is Spock. Vision is Superman."

"The new book begins with Vision creating a family, just as Ultron once created Vision," King explained. "Vision wants to be ordinary, and what's more ordinary than a house, a wife, and two loving kids? So he makes a wife, Virginia, and two 16 year old twins, Viv and Val. They move to the suburbs of D.C. They have neighbors. Vision has a new job. The children start school. Virginia explores possible careers. Everything is perfect. Everything is ordinary."

However, according to King, that tranquility isn't destined to last: "Then everything goes wrong. And what goes wrong will shake the Marvel Universe."

"Magneto" artist Walta will join King on the title.


King aims for the story, at its core, to touch upon some distinctly human problems as well. "The theme of this story is integration, how a family that is not 'normal' lives and thrives in a modern American community. Vision and his family are going through what millions of us have gone and are still going through. Can they be treated as equals? Can they be trusted? Because they’re different, does that somehow make them less?"

Likewise, the series will get some human visitors. "Part of the fun conflict that drives this book will come from how Vision’s old natural very non-traditional family reacts to his new unnatural very traditional family. In fact, the first issue features a family member returning to Vision’s life. It does not go well."

"I couldn’t believe my luck when Gabriel [Hernandez Walta] agreed to do this book," he added. "His style reminds of a combination of Frank Quietly and Dave Gibbons, two artists I worship. He excels at creating the quiet moments that I love to write in my comic books, the moments that create the tension for the inevitable outbreak of violence. With Gabriel on the book, I feel we can tell stories unlike any others in the comic market, stories that will surprise and thrill our readers." Jordie Bellaire will also work on the title as color artist.

"The Vision" #1 arrives at retailers this October.

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