Former NBA star Chris Gatling arrested for credit card fraud .. Totally Sad !!!!!!




For this one-time NBA all-star, it was a steal!

New Jersey native and former Nets player Chris Gatling has been arrested on fraud charges in Arizona.

The 11-year NBA veteran who last played in 2002 was busted Thursday by Scottsdale police after unearthing a credit card and ID theft scheme.

Gatling, 47, from Elizabeth, N.J., duped a fitness studio owner who he met on a dating site into charging credit cards and fronting him 90 percent of the money in cash, TMZ reported.

The woman allegedly kept 10 percent of the unauthorized purchases for herself, saddling the fitness studio with $90,000 in debt that eventually forced it to close, police said.

Gatling ran his illicit business from a Phoenix call center, collecting card numbers through several internet businesses and then billing victims for unauthorized services, according to FOX Phoenix.

Police collared Gatling, who made nearly $30 million over the course of his pro career, while he was meeting with his probation officer from his 2013 conviction when he squatted in an Arizona home and then listed it for rent on Craigslist.


Source jmolinet/ dailynews

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