Brian and Mark Gunn Writing Jupiter's Legacy Film !!!!

Brian and Mark Gunn Writing Jupiter's Legacy Film !!!!

Screenwriters Brian and Mark Gunn are officially writing a film adaptation of the hit comic book series Jupiter's Legacy from writer Mark Millar and artist Frank Quitely. It was announced last year that Millar and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had partnered to develop an adaptation of the story, but no updates had been released until today. The Gunns met with Millar yesterday and are currently hard at work on the screenplay.

Jupiter's Legacy is the story of a world filled with superheroes where the next generation decides to overthrow the status quo seizing control of the United States by force in an ill-advised attempt to improve the world around them. The comic series reflects both on the superhero genre and the nature of hope in the face of overwhelming problems, as well as the changing perspective between generations.

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