Marvel laid plans to kill off a “major superhero” in Civil War II at a recent editorial retreat, according to a report by aNew York Daily News reporter who was allowed to attend.  The death will come at the hands of another superhero, according to the report. 


The set-up for the death, according to a synopsis of the series by EIC Alex Alonso and Brian Michael Bendis (who will write the series, with art by David Marquez, see “Bendis and Marquez on ‘Marvel Civil War II’”), is that a new Marvel character that has the ability to calculate the outcome of future events reveals that a hero will be the cause of a major incident of destruction.  The Marvel heroes react to the predictive power by dividing into two groups, with one side, led by Captain Marvel, arguing that predictions should be used to profile future crimes and prevent them, and the other, led by Iron Man, resisting punishment before a crime is actually committed.   


The retreats have been going on for years, and have yielded Marvel’s biggest events, as writers rooms that emulate the collaborative approach have now taken over the film world, announced most recently for a new Hasbro universe (see “The ‘80s Toy Box Explodes Onscreen in Cross-Property Film Universe”).


The Marvel retreat that produced the plan forCivil War II had a noteworthy new attendee:  bestselling author Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is writing Black Panther.  


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