The Walking Dead # 144 OMG !!!! ( EZEKIEL )

Image Comics

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    Sneak Peek :

  • Walking Dead #144  OMG !!!!!!

  • The Walking Dead #144 delivered a huge shake-up to the book's status quo this week, and that twist was addressed in today's "Robert Kirkman's Skybound Comics" panel at SDCC. Unfortunately, Kirkman himself had to cancel plans to attend the convention, but Skybound editorial director Sean Mackiewicz was able to fill in.

    First off, if you haven't read issue #144, it culminated with the deaths of several recurring characters in the comic. Recently Rick Grimes has been clashing with a villain named Alpha who leads a group of zombie-mimicking survivors called "Whisperers." Alpha believes there's no room left for civilization, and he highlighted that point by littering the border between Alexandria and the Whisperers' territory with dozens of severed heads. Among the heads were Rosita, Olivia and perhaps most distressing of all, Rick's long-time ally Ezekiel.

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