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Malibu Sun

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Up for Sale is Malibu Sun # 13 first appearance of Spawn. From Malibu Sun. First Print & in VN Condition. There are some lite Indentations, and Spine Creases with no Discoloration, if so LISTING WILL STATE OTHERWISE !!!  

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Malibu Sun #1 First Print  VF !!!!


Spawn's first (and key) appearance in the narrative was Spawn #1. For some time, the first published art was pushed by sellers as being in the preview comic Malibu Sun #13 but this is wide of the mark with Spawn adverts (showing early logo art) appearing in several comics produced by Adventure Comics in the previous month (e.g. Rust #1), Diamond's Previews Magazine (dated March 1992) and possibly on trading cards published even earlier in 1992.



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