Novel Coronavirus : Information.

The novel coronavirus is at the front of everyone’s mind. As more countries, states, and cities choose how they respond to COVID-19 outbreaks, businesses are forced to follow suit, leaving many with a dilemma of how to shift their products or services to meet the current environment.
And it’s important to identify ways to shift your approach sooner rather than later. Not only are many businesses following strict shelter in place guidelines, but consumers are doing the same. It’s more essential than ever to consider how your products or services are applicable to your customers in the current climate. And, if they’re not applicable, how to pivot and adjust to provide solutions to their changing needs.

The Coronavirus has challenged every facet of our industry to devise creative solutions for doing business.

So we follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health departments regarding COVID-19 ( We are additionally reinforcing workplace behaviors to ensure that contact with our customers reflects the best guidance regarding healthy interactions, social distancing and risk minimization.
Moving forward we are a online business only..

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