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Up for Sale is Pokémon Dark Charizard 21/82 Frist Edition and in Very Good Condition. There are no Indentations, Spine Ceases are Discoloration,  if so LISTING WILL STATE OTHEWISE !!!  

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Pokémon Dark Charizard  # 21/82   

RARITY               : Rare

TYPE                   : Fire

HIT POINTS        : 80

WEAKNESS        : x2

RESISTANCE      : 30


ATTACK 1           : Nail Flick 10


Fireball 50x-Flip a number of coins equal to the number of Energy Cards attached to Dark Charizard . This attack does 50 damage times the number of heads.

Discard a number of Energy cards attached to Dark Charizard equal to the numbers heads.

SET                      : Team Rocket

ARTIST                : Ken Sugimori

DESCRIPTION    : Team Rocket Pokémon Single Card

DIMENSIONS      : 3.5:" H x 2.5 "W x 0.012 " D

SHIP WEIGHT     : 0.0004 pounds

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