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Frank Miller's first "Dark Knight III" cover shared a look at the legendary creator's take on Superman and the Atom. Now, with the release of his limited-edition wraparound variant, we get to see the title character, poised and ready for bloody action.

Unveiled this morning by DC Comics, the cover is a 1:100 variant for "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" #1, colored by Alex Sinclair.

Debuting Nov. 25, the miniseries is written by Miller and Brian Azzarello, and illustrated by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson, Each issue will include a minicomic that focuses on a differentcharacter in the world of the Dark Knight, drawn by various artists. Miller himself will pencil "Dark Knight Universe Presents: The Atom" #1.

The release of Miller's Superman illustration was met Monday by a mix of confusion and criticism. However, "Astro City" writer Kurt Busiek mounted a convincing argument in support the cover, insisting, "Frank’s drawing it the way he wants the idea of this raw, crude, powerful idea to come across, not the way Neal or Curt or anyone else drew. ... He’s powerful, ugly, Eastwood-mad, with Kirby fists and a noticeable dick. This isn’t by mistake, it’s not lack of control."

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