Leatherface Scrible to Bring Roche Limit to the Big Screen !!!!

Though they have certainly taken over the convention in recent years, big budget superhero tentpoles aren’t the only movies to get announced at San Diego Comic-Con. Case in point, Image Comics’ science fiction/horror piece Roche Limit has just been given a one-way ticket to the big screen.

The news comes from THR, who report that Leatherface scribe Seth Sherwood will pen the film adaptation for Heavy Metal’s Jeff Krelitz, David Boxenbaum and Brian Witten. Created by Michael Moreci in 2014, Roche Limit tells the story of a space colony that has devolved into “a melting pot of crime and terrible secrets,” and a mystery surrounding a missing girl.

A science fiction tale with elements of horror, Roche Limit initially ran for five issues and is now in the middle of its second five-story arc, Roche Limit: Clandestiny. Though Sherwood’s adaptation is said to only include the first story, Moreci has a trilogy of comics planned, so if successful, the film adaptation could lead into a new film franchise.

Moreci himself expressed his excitement about the news:

“It’s such a unique book and it needs that particular vision. To have people that really get it, I think it makes a difference.”

Tell us, are you excited for a Roche Limit adaptation? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: THR

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