BMW Turns Into Hulk When Splashed With Water....


Apparently, all you need to unleash The Incredible Hulk these days is a glass of hot water.

A German graffiti artist named Rene Turrek has painted a BMW that, when in contact with hot water, reveals a Hulk mural every bit as powerful as the Jade Giant.

Here’s how it works. Turrek first painted his automotive Hulk masterpiece as the car’s base layer. Then, he applied a special coat of paint over it. The second coat of paint is specifically engineered so that when hot water is applied, it “disappears” for a brief moment. When the top layer disappears, the base layer is momentarily exposed. Think of those old Hot Wheels cars that changed color when dunked in hot water, and you’ll get the idea.

But as the Hulk would probably prefer it, we’ll cut the chit-chat and just let you watch transformation here:


Source: DF

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